Cross: Martin gains CXNE revenge over Murray

Cross: Martin gains CXNE revenge over Murray

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Location: Caedmon School, Whitby, North Yorkshire
Event: 26 January 2014
Report: Snowdon Sports

Beaten into second spot by his rival in round 14, Adam Martin (Knights of Old RT) gained revenge over Keith Murray for last week’s defeat when he took a confident victory in the final round of the CXNE Series at Caedmon School in Whitby, North Yorkshire, on Sunday.

More than twice his age, Darlington-based Murray (SCOTT-Synchros/Pioneer) beat Martin by 16 seconds in round 14, but 19-year-old Martin secured victory by almost two and a half minutes this time, while Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes) was third, another 1-18 behind.

Martin has displayed great form this season, securing podium finishes in rounds two and three of the National Trophy and racing in three rounds of the UCI World Cup in Belgium and Holland. He was using the Whitby event as preparations for the World Championships next weekend.

His defeat in round 14 came after he accepted a one-minute handicap, but this time there was no such arrangement and Martin mastered tough weather conditions to take the win.

Derwentside CC’s Antony Glover won the veterans/women/juniors race by 33sec from team-mate Dave Hopper, while James Edmond (Ferryhill Wheelers) was third over the line and fastest junior, 38sec off Glover’s pace.

Karen Robertson (One Life Racing) was the fastest female, taking the honours after a cracking three-way battle with Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC) who was just 17sec behind, while Louise Hamilton (Teesdale CRC) was third female, only another six seconds back.

Marton RT rider Joe Howard was top in the youth race, 1-26 ahead of runner-up Fin Robertson (Derwnetside CC), with Feargus Scherczer (Derwentside CC) was third. And best of the girls was another Derwentside rider, Rhianna Stoves, who was 1-48 ahead of the next best girl.

Another Martin rider tastest victory in the Under-12 race, Hugo Lutz-Atkinson taking the win by just nine seconds from Sam Murray (SCOTT-Synchros/Pioneer), while Roisin Lally (One Life) was best girl in sixth.

Provisional results:


1 Adam Martin Knights of Old RT Sen 01:04:02

2 Keith Murray SCOTT-Synchros/Pioneer Sen 01:06:29

3 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes Sen 01:07:47

4 James Alder Velo 29 Sen 01:08:12

5 Craig Anderson Achieve-Skinnergate R Sen 01:08:33

6 Colin Ash Cestria Cycles RT Sen 01:10:49

7 Simon Forster TWF&R Sen 01:11:33

8 Thomas Ramsay Crostrax Sen 01:11:38

9 William Brown Velo29-Blackhawk Sen 01:04:41

10 Clive Upton Hambleton RC Sen 01:05:23

11 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes Sen 01:08:06

12 Gav Slack Beacon Wheelers Sen 01:08:40

13 Peter Hook Cyclescene Sen 01:08:42

14 Dan Small Hamsterly MTB Racing Sen 01:08:43

15 Richard Cowling Blackhawk Bikes Sen 01:10:01

16 Carl Barne Ferryhill Wheelers CC Sen 01:10:10

17 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cycle Sport Sen 01:10:47

18 Adam Ward Unattached Sen 01:13:15

19 Henry Aarvold Unattached Sen 01:13:22

20 Laurence Seviour Blackhawk Bikes Sen 01:04:04

21 David Stevens Houghton Cycling Club Sen 01:06:25

22 Jason Shipton Marton RT Sen 01:06:28

23 Kevin Ball Unattached Sen 01:13:35

24 Jamie Rose Unattached Sen 01:04:13

25 Lance Harland Whitby Wheelers CC Sen 01:07:19

Silas Aarvold Unattached Sen

Phil Cook Unattached Sen


1 Antony Glover Derwentside CC MV40 00:44:12

2 Dave Hopper Derwentside CC MV40 00:44:45

3 James Edmond Ferryhill Whs CC Jun 00:44:50

4 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes Jun 00:45:40

5 Morgan Donnelly Beacon Wheelers MV40 00:46:01

6 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC MV40 00:46:25

7 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK MV40 00:46:44

8 John Mein Derwentside CC MV40 00:48:25

9 Stephen Grey Derwentside CC MV40 00:49:12

10 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria MV40 00:49:34

11 Keith Ashbridge VC Cumbria MV40 00:49:35

12 Bill Kay Hetton Hawks CC MV40 00:50:42

13 Ray Honour MTS Cycle Sport MV40 00:51:05

14 Mick Aspey Northumbria Pol CC MV40 00:51:19

15 Andy Moss Adept Precision RT MV50 00:51:25

16 Jon Bardgett Beacon Wheelers MV50 00:51:53

17 Matthew Enticknap Marton Race Team MV40 00:52:09

18 Andrew May Stockton Whs CC MV40 00:52:11

19 Paul Whitehill Houghton CC MV40 00:52:51

20 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport MV50 00:44:17

21 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC MV50 00:44:21

22 Jason Hurt Stockton Whs CC MV40 00:44:36

23 John Gilling unattached MV50 00:45:39

24 David Kent Whitby Wheelers MV40 00:45:54

25 Joe Mann Derwentside CC Jun 00:46:05

26 Graeme Buzzo unattached MV40 00:46:09

27 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC MV50 00:46:59

28 Paul Robson Houghton CC MV50 00:48:10

29 Dan Joyce Richardson CC MV40 00:49:08

30 Jon Burghope Whitby Wheelers MV40 00:49:40

31 Colin Munley Derwentside CC MV60 00:49:45

32 Jonathan Allan Here Come The Belgs MV50 00:49:58

33 Richard Atkinson Hambleton RC MV40 00:50:08

34 Ian Jobling Houghton CC MV40 00:54:10

35 Howard Davies unattached MV40 00:55:00

36 Dave Mclean Hetton Hawks CC MV40 00:46:01

37 Karen Robertson One Life Racing FS 00:46:07

38 Pamela Glover Derwentside CC FS 00:46:24

39 Louise Hamilton Teesdale CRC FS 00:46:40

40 David Swainson Derwentside CC MV40 00:48:15

41 Jackie Brady unattached FS 00:48:37

42 Christine Amos-Adams Northumbria Vikings FS 00:49:54

43 Mick Wilson Stockton Whs CC MV40 00:56:02

44 Peter Reed Houghton CC MV50 00:56:45

45 Phil Gray E3 MV40 00:50:46

Simon Derham Whitby Wheelers MV40

Jo Lally One Life Racing FS

Geoff Robinson Glosop Velo MV50

Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FS


1 Joe Howard Marton Race Team U16 00:28:36

2 Fin Robertson Derwentside CC U16 00:30:02

3 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC U16 00:31:32

4 William Turley Fulford Cycle U16 00:33:03

5 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC U16 00:33:47

6 Rhianna Stoves Derwentside CC FU16 00:35:05

7 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks CC U14 00:36:50

8 Anna Kay Hetton Hawks CC FU16 00:36:53

9 Joe Wilson Stockton Whs CC U14 00:37:29

10 Sophie Enever Tyneside Vags FU16 00:38:13

11 Fiona Turnbull Tyneside Vags CC FU14 00:28:40

12 Joseph Tubby Tyneside Vags CC U14 00:30:12

13 Jack Hoy Hetton Hawks CC U14 00:30:50

Mathew Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC U14

Nick Hamilton Teesdale CRC U16


1 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson Marton Team U12 M 00:11:21

2 Sam Murray Team Scott U12 M 00:11:30

3 Barnaby Walkinshaw Beacon Whs U12 M 00:11:41

4 Max Lutz-Atkinson Marton Team U10 M 00:13:07

5 Thomas Maddison Unattached U12 M 00:12:28

6 Roisin Lally One Life U12 F 00:12:39

7 Patrick Kilcullen SWCC U10 M 00:11:50

8 Ellis Murray Team Scott U10 M 00:11:58

9 Joel Hurt SWCC U8 M 00:11:58

10 Beau Walkinshaw Beacon Whs U10 M 00:12:21

11 Lucy Glover DCC U8 F 00:13:01

12 Kacey Eyeington SWCC U10 F 00:13:51

13 Alex Young Whitby Whs U8 M 00:11:57

14 Enya Stoves DCC U10 F 00:12:12

Dylan Slack Beacon Whs U10 M

Katie Hadnum Hetton Hawkes U10 F

Ellis Murray Team Scott U10 M

Ciaran Lally One Life U8 M

Maisie Hurt SWCC U12 F

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