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Location: Central Park, Plymouth
Event: 16 December 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Matt Noble (Plymouth CX) took the South West title by just two points after doing just enough on the final day.

The season had to be cut short which meant that the title would be decided today with Matt Noble having a slight advantage going into the race.

Despite finishing down in fifth, Noble accumulated enough points to take the title with Hurlock second and James Bovey of MDCC in third overall.

Matt Zietz (Pearson Cycles) and Dexter Hurlock (Certini) went head-to-head in a great final race of the South Western League in Plymouth on Sunday.

The season had to be cut short which meant that the title would be decided today with Matt Noble having a slight advantage going into the race.

But it came down to Hurlock and Zietz as the two battled through together on a boggy track with many sections that were unrideable, forcing contestants to get off and run.

But eventually, Zietz managed to open up a gap and left Hurlock behind to take the win.

Tim Carpenter of EliteVelo took the veteran title, James Davey of Mid Devon CC the junior honour and the Women’s champion was Fiona Verney of Exeter Wheelers. The under 14 champion was Harry Birchall (MDCC) and the under 12 winner was Max Hinds (unattached).

MDCC’s Freddy Birchall was overall champion in the under 10 category and in the under 8s it was teammate Solomon Drury.


1 Matt Zietz Pearson Cycles S 0h 59m 59s
2 Dexter Hurlock Certini S +0h 0m 55s
3 Luke Eggar South Fork Racing S +0h 2m 26s
4 Jay Horton Certini V +0h 2m 31s
5 Matt Noble Plymouth Cx S +0h 4m 43s
6 Roy Wyle-Smith EliteVelo S +0h 4m 45s
7 Mike Mulroy VC VeloCake V +0h 6m 13s
8 Maddie Horton Certini W +0h 6m 30s
9 Richard Taylor Exeter CC V +0h 6m 48s
10 Rich Long Certini S +0h 8m 13s
11 Andy Parker MDCC V +0h 9m 1s
12 Stephen Hodge Roo Bikes S +1 lap + 0h 7m 12s
13 Ben Farrer Certini S +1 lap + 0h 7m 28s
14 Harry Foston Certini J +1 lap + 0h 7m 32s
15 John Morse VeloCake V +1 lap + 0h 8m 19s
16 Paul Fursdon MDCC V +1 lap + 0h 9m 43s
17 Finley Clay Certini J +1 lap + 0h 9m 49s
18 Carla Haines WXC World Racing W +1 lap + 0h 10m 18s
19 Vin Cox S +1 lap + 0h 11m 4s
20 Rob Smith RNRMCA V +1 lap + 0h 11m 20s
21 Neil Vingoe EliteVelo V +1 lap + 0h 12m 37s
22 Adam Fursdon MDCC S +1 lap + 0h 12m 51s
23 Rob Wilcox RAFCC S +1 lap + 0h 12m 55s
24 Dan Young Alltrax S +1 lap + 0h 14m 49s
25 Chris Maybey Tavistock V +1 lap + 0h 15m 3s
26 Will Hornby CSSH S +2 laps + 0h 14m 3s
27 Mike Richardson Unattached V +2 laps + 0h 16m 15s
28 Lucy Allan Certini W +2 laps + 0h 17m 2s
29 Mike Tindall S +2 laps + 0h 17m 12s
30 Steve Hodgson South Devon Velo S +2 laps + 0h 17m 16s
31 Jason Crossman Unattached S +2 laps + 0h 17m 23s
32 Amy Gallacher Unattached W +2 laps + 0h 17m 52s
33 Paul Brennan RUTraining V +2 laps + 0h 18m 7s
34 M Alexandar Callington Cycles V +2 laps + 0h 18m 59s
35 Jason Jones 1st Chard Wheelers S +3 laps + 0h 20m 32s
36 Nathan Gristy Unattached V +3 laps + 0h 21m 50s
37 Alistair Moody CSSH S +3 laps + 0h 22m 13s
38 Kim Long Certini W +3 laps + 0h 24m 12s
39 Fiona Murphy Unattaced W +3 laps + 0h 25m 34s
40 Neil Ayres Alltrax S +3 laps + 0h 26m 36s
41 Mike Gould Unattached V +3 laps + 0h 27m 6s
42 Peter Sherwin Unattached S +3 laps + 0h 31m 38s
43 Ian Warren VeloCake V +3 laps + 0h 32m 32s
44 Penny Allen Yogi W +3 laps + 0h 33m 26s
45 Jo-Ann Drury MDCC W +4 laps + 0h 35m 51s
46 James Davey Hot Pursuit Cycles J +5 laps + 0h 1m 47s
Under 16/14:
1 Jack Hewlett South Fork Racing U16 0h 33m 52s
2 Will Kelly MDCC U16 +0h 1m 15s
3 Harry Birchill MDCC U14 +0h 1m 50s
4 Darren Caines Yeovil CC U16 +0h 2m 26s
5 Micheal Hastings Hardie-Bikes U14 +1 lap + 0h 7m 17s
6 Ruby Bond 1st Chard Wheelers U14 +1 lap + 0h 9m 27s
7 Patsy Caines Yeovil CC U14 +1 lap + 0h 10m 22s
8 Evis Lane Unattached U14 +1 lap + 0h 15m 1s
9 Morwenna Hastings Hardie-Bike U16 +1 lap + 0h 15m 48s
10 Harry Meredith Taw Velo U14 +1 lap + 0h 17m 57s
11 Charlie Meredith Taw Velo U16 +3 laps + 0h 4m 20s
Under 12/10/8:
1 Max Hinds 1st Chard Wheelers U12 0h 14m 45s
2 Freddy Birchill MDCC U10 +0h 0m 40s
3 Ross Pratt MDCC U12 +1 lap + 0h 3m 48s
4 Evan Richards 1st Chard Wheelers U12 +1 lap + 0h 4m 9s
5 Jack Frost MDCC U12 +1 lap + 0h 5m 1s
6 Ruby Faun Unattached U12 +1 lap + 0h 6m 40s
7 Isla Hill Alltrax U12 +1 lap + 0h 6m 59s
8 Finley Morris MDCC U10 +1 lap + 0h 7m 52s
9 Ethan Jones 1st Chard Wheelers U12 +1 lap + 0h 8m 4s
10 Agnes Hamill RUTT U10 +1 lap + 0h 8m 26s
11 Sol Drury MDCC U8 +2 laps + 0h 6m 29s
12 Felix Faun Unattached U8 +2 laps + 0h 6m 49s
13 Ben Malcolm-Beeby MDCC U10 +2 laps + 0h 6m 55s
14 George Bond 1st Chard Wheelers U10 +2 laps + 0h 6m 59s
15 Jasper Coate Unattached U12 +2 laps + 0h 8m 13s
16 Abbie Twiddy Unattached U10 +2 laps + 0h 8m 56s
17 Monty Coate Unattached U8 +2 laps + 0h 10m 42s
18 Edward Ayres Alltrax U8 +3 laps + 0h 8m 14s
19 Imogen Jones 1st Chard Wheelers U8 +3 laps + 0h 8m 39s

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