Lyme RC Go-Ride Christmas Cyclo-Cross Race

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Location: Bradwell, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Event: 27 December 2012
Report: Norman Bassett

To finish the Lyme RC Go-Ride year, two courses were set up for the Go-Race at Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The A course for the under 8s, under 10s and under 12s was a shorter semi-technical course with a few obstacles whilst the B course was a full technical 1km lap with steps and a few more obstacles. Both the A and B courses had the slippery slopes and the mud which makes for a proper cyclo-cross race.

Most of the under 8s and under 10s found the mud climbs tough all getting off and pushing, but at the end all had a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. The under 12s race was a full on race with Jake Meir pulling in to an early lead and keeping it to the end with Jake Popham coming in a distant second. Both the next two races on the B course had a long set of steps in them plus a large tree trunk which before it had a steep muddy downhill which caught a few out. The long muddy climb approaching the finish was at the end very slippery and not many could ride it.

This year Lyme RC has held three Go-Race events to go with their full Go-Ride program, for 2012 Lyme RC will be running six Go-Race events including a cyclo-cross event next Christmas.


Under 8's

Gold Emily Maddock Bursley School
Silver Milley Lenehan, Mary Cutler, Scotland
Bronze Harry Brayford, Lyme RC
4. Joe Barber, NTAC
5. Izack Curtis Lyme RC

Under 10's

Gold - Sam Hill, Lyme RC
Silver - Harrison Barber NTAC
Bronze - Sophie Bassett Lyme RC
4. Ben Underwood, Bursley School

Under 12's

Gold - Jake Meir, Newcastle Tri Club
Silver - Josh Ppham, Lichfield CC
Bronze - Braddley Hill, Lyme RC
4. Ben Clarke, Lyme RC

Under 14's

Gold - Ben Meir, Newcastle Tri Club
Silver - Alex Copp Lyme RC
Bronze - Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

Under 16's

Gold - Dan Minor, Lyme RC
Silver - James Brayford Lyme RC
Bronze - Tom Hawkins Lyme RC
4. Sam Pattison Lyme RC