Cross: Lampier Takes Lincs Glory

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Location: Rossington, near Doncaster
Event: 18 December 2011
Report: John Cotton

Steve Lampier (Sigma Sport - Specialized) powered to victory in an enthralling race in the final event of the Lincolnshire Championship season held at the Rossington Welfare Ground, promoted by Rossington Wheelers. From start to finish it was a frantic affair with attacks coming thick and fast.

From the start loop around the playing fields a small group formed initially led by Junior rider George Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers), Mark Cotton (Bycka Sport Racing) Rick Lister (gabby Day Cycle Sport RT) and Graham Briggs (Rapha Condor – Sharp) with Lampier not too far behind along with Dieter Droger (Team Cystic Fybrosis).

Lister burst to the front to lead through the woods first lap and emerged ahead with small gaps between the riders behind. Over the playing fields the lead group came together and Lampier made contact and immediately hit the front driving hard at the front. Cotton, Briggs and Thompson reacted to jump on his wheel and form a lead group that would fight out for the win.

Early on it was Briggs (a prolific winner on this course in the past) and Lampier who set the pace as they pushed on around the fields making it difficult for Cotton and Thompson to hang in. Near the end of the 4th lap they were down to 3 as Briggs slid off on a muddy corner. Lampier was at the front and then Cotton moved into the lead for the first time going into the woods where he was able to dig out a small lead on Lampier and Thompson.

Cotton emerged with a 10 second lead with Briggs trying to chase back another 10 seconds behind. This lead would only last a lap and half as Lampier powered around the playing fields to get back into contention with Thompson fighting hard on his wheel. Briggs was still dangling 20 seconds behind but another slide in the mud would end his chances of getting back up to the lead trio.

With 3 laps to go the lead group would split and again in part due to a crash, this time in the woods from Thompson when at the back of the group. Lampier led but was unable to push home an advantage in the woods as again Thompson came fighting back but as he got back Cotton hit the front hard over the planks and forced a gap with Lampier responding well to go with him. With 2 laps to go Cotton was still driving at the front and hit the woods hard emerging with a few seconds lead but this would not be enough. Over the playing fields Lampier powered up to Cotton and straight past.

Cotton tried hard to respond but had little left to claw back the efforts of Lampier who was able to create an advantage and take the bell with 10 seconds in hand. Cotton kept the pressure on and caught some time back through the woods but Lampier was simply too strong and powered around the fields for the final time to take a hard fought victory over Cotton by 15 seconds. Thompson held on to 3rd place 1:56 down but was being caught over the final 2 laps by Briggs who had also been joined by Dieter Droger. These two sprinted in for 4th and 5th with Droger taking it.

In sixth place was Rick Lister just ahead of season rival Jon Wells (VC Lincoln) with another good ride by Duncan Walmsley ( in eight place and top Vetran.

New Youth Lincolnshire Champion Henry Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers) won the youth race as early leader Tim James (Bourne Wheelers) crashed at the planks while leading. After some time to recover James was back into the race to fight back up to fifth place. Thompson took the win by 34 seconds ahead of Sam Bentley (Bourne Wheelers) and there was another good ride by Tilly Wilks (VC Lincoln) in sixth.

The Under 12’s winner was Jake Norton (Spalding CC) who finished 44 seconds ahead of Kerrigan Robb (Witham Wheelers) with club mate Robert McAndrew (Spalding CC) a further 30 seconds back in third.



1              Steve Lampier   Sigma Sport - Specialized                              9 laps in 58:15

2              Mark Cotton      Bycka Sport Racing                          at 0:15

3              George Thomspson        Sleaford Wheelers          1st Junior             at 1:56

4              Dieter Droger    Team CF                               at 2:07

5              Graham Briggs   Raph Condor Sharp                         s.t.

6              Rick Lister            Gabby Day Cyclesport RT                              at 3:22

7              Jon Wells             VC Lincoln                           at 3:32

8              Duncan Walmsley            Zepnat RT            1st Vet  at s.t.

9              Lawrence FrostAshfield RC                         at 4:06

10           David Perry         Gabby Day Cyclesport RT              2nd Vet                at 4:15

11           Graham Clark     Time RT                3rd Vetat 5:02

12           Darryl Hewson  Alford Wheelers                               at 5:25

13           Richard Hamblin               Sleaford Wheelers                          at 6:18

14           Jordan Gell         VC Lincoln           2nd Junior           at 6:41

15           Martin Kennedy               VC Lincoln                           at 7:13

16           Bart Kieres          Bourne Wheelers                            at 1 lap

17           Gavin Hardwicke              Ashfield RC                        

18           John Wilkinson  Moonglu RT        4th Vet

19           Mark Preston    VC Lincoln                          

20           Mark RobinsonSheffrec CC        1st 50+ 

21           Mervyn DudleySherwood Pines CC         2nd 50+               

22           Martin MacGregor          VC Lincoln                          

23           Sam MullengerVC Lincoln                          

24           Andy Faichney  CRC Hull               5th Vet

25           Phil Heyes           Skegness Wheelers                       

26           Theo Brumhead               Exeter University                            

27           James Gelsthorpe           Bourne Wheelers                           

28           Shane Norton    Spalding CC         6th Vet

29           Jody Bett             VC Lincoln                          

30           Steve Potter      Lindsey Roads   3rd 50+

31           George Hackney              Lincoln Wheelers                            

32           Craig Turner       Sherwood Pines CC         4th 50+

33           Jamie Buchanan                                              

34           Bary Gray            VC Lincoln                          

35           Diane Lee            Zepnat RT            1st Lady               

36           Adam De Smit   VC Lincoln           3rd Junior           

37           Andrew Lawson               Lincsquad            5th 50+

38           Gavin Sykes        VC Lincoln           7th Vet

39           Matt Bishop       Lincoln Wheelers                            

40           Adrew Fraser     VC Lincoln                          

41           Ian Fensom        Spalding CC         6th 50+

42           Gavin HodgsonHarworth & District CC                  

43           Chris Morrey      Doncaster Wheelers       8th Vetat 2 laps

44           Karl Brown                          7th 50+

45           Simon Santry     Spalding CC         9th Vet

46           Graham McAndrew        Spalding CC         10th Vet              

47           Terry Biesty        Scunthorpe Poly               1st 60+ 

48           John Bateman   Vegatarian C and A          8th 50+

49           Jodie Brumhead               Cottingham Coureurs     2nd Lady             

50           Joe Weston                                       

51           S Randall              Rossington Wheelers     11th Vet              

52           Andrew Calpin  Lincsquad                           

53           John Dowell       Heanor Clarion  2nd 60+               

54           Dave Miller         Lincoln Wheelers             12th Vet               at 3 laps

55           Richard Lunt       Rossington Wheelers                    

56           Gary Milory        Zepnat RT                           

57           Tony Jones         Rossington Wheelers     13th Vet              



1              Henry Thompson             Sleaford Wheelers                          5 laps in 32:40

2              Sam Bentley       Spalding CC                         at 0:34

3              Sian Botteley     Bourne Wheelers            1st Girl  at 1:25

4              Jake Peel             Spalding CC                         at 1:50

5              Tim James           Bourne Wheelers            1st U14at 1:51

6              Tilly Wilks             VC Lincoln           2nd Girl                at 2:45

7              Campbell Pollock              Bourne Wheelers                            at 3:48

8              Aaron Bateman                Bourne Wheelers            2nd U14               at 4:01

9              George Baker    Kings Cliffe Flyers                             at 4:17

10           Max Williamson                Lincsquad            3rd U14                at 4:18

11           James Armstrong             VC Lincoln           4th U14                at 4:19

12           Jennifer McAndrew        Spalding CC         3rd Girlat 5:31

13           Alex Poole          Heanor Clarion  5th U14                at 6:43

14           Maddie Gammons          Bourne Wheelers            4th Girl, 5th U14               at 8:35

15           Robbie Sturdy   Lincsquad            7th U14                at 8:56

16           Reece Moradakhan        Spalding CC         8th U14                at 8:57

17           Louise Beedham              Lincsquad            5th Girl, 9th U14               at 1 lap

18           Luke Fraser         VC Lincoln           10th U14             

19           Jack Bunn            VC Lincoln           11th U14             



1              Jake Norton       Spalding CC                         9 laps in 10:51

2              Kerrigan Robb   Witham Wheelers                           at 0:44

3              Robert McAndrew          Spalding CC                         at 1:11

4              Max Poole          Lincsquad                            at 1:19

5              Bradley SprogisVC Lincoln                           at 1 lap

6              Jacob Santry       Spalding CC                        

7              Will Faichney      CRC Hull                              

8              James Broughton             VC Lincoln                          

9              Christopher Hilbert         VC Lincoln                           at 2 laps

10           Daniel Turner     VC Lincoln                          

11           Abigail Armsrong              VC Lincoln           1st Girl 

12           Oliver Sawyer    VC Lincoln                          

13           Alex Armstrong                VC Lincoln           &nb