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Cyclo-Cross - Rule Changes

30 June 2010

Some important rule changes come into effect in the very near future for Cyclo-Cross races. We have details, firstly of a new UCI (world governing body) tyre width restriction and secondly of some changes for national domestic competition.

UCI restricts tyre width for cyclo-cross

In recently published changes to the international cyclo-cross regulations, the UCI has indicated that the maximum tyre width allowable for cyclo-cross is reduced from 35 mm to 33 mm with effect from 1st July 2010.

There are no such restrictions in place for domestic competition, and this will not affect the vast majority of domestic races. However the change is intended to apply to those races which appear on the UCI calendar, i.e. Senior Men's National Trophies and the Senior Men, Senior Women, Under-23 Men and Junior Men categories at the National Championships.

British Cycling's Cyclo-Cross Commission is aware of the popularity of some brands of tyre which fall outside the new limits, but also of the difficulty in practically enforcing the new regulation, and will consult with the UCI and commissaries in seeking to apply a sensible approach to this issue. Meanwhile, riders intending to compete outside Britain, and in particular in World Calendar events such as World Cups or the World Masters, should ensure that they do not fall foul of the new regulation.

There are a number of other changes, which are generally liberalisations of the previous regulations. Disc brakes will now be allowed in cyclo-cross competition, and restrictions on obstacles have been eased; the 40 cm height requirement for planks is now a maximum rather than an absolute dimension, and the distance between planks has been relaxed from 4 metres to 4 to 6 metres. Man-made sand pits are also permissible within certain dimensions.

The full amended regulations can be found here:

Download: UCI Equipment Regulations
Download: UCI Cyclo-Cross Specific Regulations

Changes to domestic cyclo-cross regulations published

A number of changes to the domestic cyclo-cross regulations, proposed and discussed at the annual cyclo-cross conference in March, come into effect for the forthcoming season. The revised rulebook is now on the web-site - look for the "Rules" option in the left hand menu.

The main changes are:

• A minimum of two commissaires is now required for all events.

• Full racing licences are now required for all categories in National Trophy and National Championship races.

• Qualifying standards previously applicable to only the Senior Men's National Championship have been amended to apply to all championship races, although it is recognised that this provision will not be currently needed for those races which attract smaller fields.

• Organisers should aim to establish a minimum course width of 3 metres for Premier, category A and category B events, or 2 metres for category C. In all cases the racing line should be sufficiently broad to allow safe overtaking.

• Riders passing a pit area exit must continue to the next pit area; they can not double back.

• A rider deliberately leaving the course shall be deemed to have retired from the event.

• In addition, the recent relaxation of obstacle dimensions announced by the UCI have been incorporated into the domestic regulations.