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Report: Wessex Cyclo Cross League Final

Report: Wessex Cyclo Cross League Final

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Report: Wessex Cyclo Cross League Final

Posted December 26 2009
Words and Photography By Luke Webber

Additional Slide Show by Graham Robins (www.grahamrobins.net)

For the third consecutive year Stu Bowers emerged victorious in the Wessex League Christmas Cross, held on Boxing Day at Southampton Sports Centre.

On a course which survived a night of heavy hail storms there was little in the way of deep mud - the ski slope side of the Sports Centre far more resistant to weather, thanks to a gravel base and woodland sections covered in leaves. In contrast to the 2008 layout the course omitted the fenceline climb and bombhole descent - something the field of 67 riders were probably thankful for, especially when heavy rain blew in for the first two laps of the event.


In these early stages Mike Cotty (Wheelbase) and Stu Bowers (Hargroves Cycles) distanced themselves from early leader Mike Groves (Hargroves Cycles), emerging from the first passing through the woodland - which featured a stream crossing, steep run-up and fallen logs - with a lead of several bike lengths over a field which had still to establish its chasing order.


As Junior Steve James (PedalOn) made his way past team mate Nick Onslow on lap two that order was decided and James looked to exit the woodland on the second occasion with leaders Cotty and Bowers. The Hargroves rider however had other ideas, attacking and breaking the group into three individual riders. From this point on the race stagnated somewhat, Bowers in a class of his own, before James joined with Cotty, both riders circulating together until the final half lap where James made his attack and secured second position.

Further behind Andy Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles) rode himself into a position to secure the Junior title for the Wessex League, while team-mates Mike Groves and Mike Warner rounded out a top ten dominated by men in red.


In the under-16 event a disastrous mechanical for Jon Dibben (Hargroves Cycles) midway through the race allowed Luke Cowley (Swindon RC) to emerge from Dibben's wheel and break for the win. In the closing stages Dibben got to within three seconds, but crucially couldn't close the gap as the course broke into a downhill finish. Close behind was Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles) who finished third in the race and first under-14.


Hazel Jowett (Chapel Tri Stars) was the top-placed under-16 girl, as Jack Phillips (Banjo Cycles) and Natalie Moor (Swindon RC) wrapped up the under-12 races.


Most importantly the prize presentation for overall placings in the Wessex Cyclo Cross League takes place on February 13 - if you wish to attend please visit your local supporting bike shop, visit the official Wessex League website, or contact Kerie Wallace directly.

Provisional Results

Senior Men
1. Stuart Bowers (Hargroves Cycles) SEN
2. Steve James (PedalOn) JUN
3. Mike Cotty (Wheelbase) SEN
4. Sam Allen (AW Cycles) SEN
5. Mike Groves (Hargroves) SEN
6. Antony Green (GA Cycles) VET

Senior Women
1. Rachel Mosse (Ford CC)
2. Hannah Reynolds

Under 16 Boys
1. Luke Cowley (Swindon RC)
2. Jon Dibben (Hargroves Cycles)

Under 14 Boys
1. Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles)

Under 16 Girls
1. Hazel Jowett (Chapel Tri Stars)
2. Zoe Sheenan (Swindon RC)
3. Susan Moor (Swindon RC)

Under 12 Boys
1. Jack Phillips (Banjo Cycles)
2. Conrad Pitt (Oxford City)
3. Edward Gronbeck (Oxford City)

Under 12 Girls
1. Natalie Moor (Swindon RC)