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Report: Wyman's Midweek Italian Job

Report: Wyman's Midweek Italian Job

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Wyman's Midweek Italian Job

8 December 2009

Tuesday was a national holiday in Italy, and with that comes the Giro D'Italia Cyclo-Cross. Following on from the race in Frankfurt on Sunday, Kona - FSA rider Helen Wyman made the trip to Italy to compete in the vineyards of Fae against Italy's best.

With very heavy rain for 48 hours before the race, the course had changed beyond recognition from its normal fast and sweeping style to a mud-bath where only the strong would prevail.

‘This is the perfect time of year for me to be getting in more competition. We've got two world cups coming up in Belgium, and I want to be going well for them and the 3rd round of the GVA that follows them. So this is a great way to get my form on an upwards curve and also enjoy a little nice weather in Italy.' said Helen about the decision to race in Italy.

‘It's a shame there aren't more international events mid-week in Belgium or Holland, but that's just the way it is, so it necessary to get those extra km's in the car done, but it's always worth it.'

Helen took the lead after the first pits and didn't ever look like getting caught. The fast improving Vanja Rossi was chasing hard behind, having returned to cross this season. The course was always going to be about who made the least mistakes when ridden in these conditions, and in the battle for 2nd, that was Rossi.

‘The course was pretty old school. A bumpy field for one section, ditch jumps and lots of mud. Another great thing was the amount of support. I was really surprised but there were loads of people watching and some even managed to cheer for me despite me beating the Italians.' added Helen about the style of race.

‘I'm looking forward to 5 days in Italy now with some good weather and quality training. I hope I can take some good form into my next races.'

Brief Result

1 Helen Wyman - Kona/FSA Factory Team (GBr)
2 Vania Rossia - Sella Italia
3 Francesca Cucciniello