Top tips to get children cycling confidently

Top tips to get children cycling confidently

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Our top five tips to help children build their confidence and enjoyment when riding.

One pedal at a time

Take it slow and make sure your child has mastered each skill before moving on to the next. Give them plenty of time to practice by taking them outside to develop their balance skills. Over time, stand back and let them build their confidence.

Cycle Training

Bikeability will teach your children basic bike handling skills and how to cycle safely on the road. Research shows that 64% of children felt a lot more confident when cycling following a Level 2 Bikeability course. Check to see if your child can access free Bikeability sessions at school or book onto a private course. For more information, watch our Introduction to Bikeability video

Let go of the saddle

At this stage your child is likely to have gained confidence in their cycling ability and will want to cycle to school, to the shops or to visit friends. The difficult part is for you, the parent, to encourage them to do this. Cycling increases a child’s independence, improves their health and saves everyone (usually you) money.

Family time

One of the best ways to improve a child’s cycling confidence is through practice and having fun. They don’t need to do it alone. This summer, why not take the whole family out for a picnic, cycling there and back? You don’t need to go far and it’s your choice what route you take. Remember though, the best way to improve skills and confidence is to practice what you’ve been taught. So if you can incorporate an on-road section, then give it a go.

Be seen, be safe

An old tag line but still as relevant today. The meaning however has altered slightly. It’s not just about wearing high-visibility clothing or having reflectors on your bike, it’s also about cycling correctly. If your child has completed their Bikeability award they will tell you themselves about the primary and secondary road positions.