British Cycling upskills people across the North West to improve cycling safety on roads

British Cycling upskills people across the North West to improve cycling safety on roads

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British Cycling has announced a number of courses to support people across the North West travelling on-road by bike.

The Manchester-based National Governing Body will be running a summer school for young people, which will help them to learn to ride safely on today’s roads.

Hosted at Manchester City Football Club in August, the three day holiday programme will be delivered by British Cycling experts and will include Bikeability sessions to build the young riders’ confidence of cycling on the roads and commuting to school.

In addition to upskilling young people, British Cycling is also hosting two upcoming training courses in Manchester, to give local people the opportunity to train to become Cycle Training instructors and deliver Bikeability courses.

Vicky Spencer, British Cycling’s Cycle Training Manager, said: “British Cycling delivers Bikeability and adult cycle training to empower more people to start cycling; increasing their health and well-being and making Britain’s roads a better place to be.

“By hosting the summer school, we aim to equip young people with the skills to make everyday trips by bike. We hope to inspire a new generation of safer, more confident cyclists who continue cycling for many years to come.”

According to the latest figures, over 8,000 people in Manchester commute to work by bike.

Vicky added: “High-quality cycle training instructors are at the heart of increasing the number of people cycling regularly, improving their health and fitness and reducing road congestion, by improving skills and confidence”

“The upcoming courses will provide an opportunity for local people to become instructors and play a key role in making our roads safer for everyone. Instructors may work independently, for a cycle training organisation, as a volunteer in a cycling club or for a local authority.”

The instructor courses will take place in July and September at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

Dani King, a rider on the Great Britain Cycling Team, said: “With cycling fast becoming one of the nation’s most popular activities, it has never been more important than now in terms of promoting enjoyable physical activity. Having the ability to ride a bike confidently on the road, with less risk, is an important skill for an active and healthy lifestyle.

“Cycle Training Instructors have a key role to play in giving people of all ages - especially the next generation of young people and their parents - the skills and confidence to make every day trips by bike.”

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