Key Techniques To Staying Safe On The Road

Key Techniques To Staying Safe On The Road

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Key Techniques To Staying Safe On The Road

For the second article in our series of bikeability tips (the first can be seen here) we've outlined a few more key techniques to consider when you're out on your bike to help keep you safe.

Here are some correct measures to take when performing some very simple, but very important manoeuvres near traffic:

Emergency Stopping
- First off, it is important to relax your arms when you ride so that at the point of braking both brakes can be applied simultaneously

- When braking, straighten the arms to push the front wheel down allowing it to grip better and force the body weight back

- Simultaneously, move the body weight back into the saddle to stop the back wheel rising off the floor or skidding

- If the back wheel starts to skid release the pressure on the back brake briefly

- Finally, put down first whichever foot is most convenient to bring yourself to a complete stop.

Balance and Steering
- Once again, the key to the manoeuvre is to ensure you are riding in a relaxed position, while looking ahead rather than at your front wheel

- Turning the bike doesn't just require movement in your arms, but also uses a combination of hips, hands and head

- It is important to point your head where the bike needs to go. Aim the hips and body to follow the head, and make any necessary minor corrections with the hands

- Don't brake whilst turning - brake first, then steer

- Remember, if you are a bit wobbly, it will help if you increase your speed!

The Cycle Training Team at British Cycling deliver Bikeability sessions to ensure the necessary skills of safe riding are passed on to as many adults and children as possible.

With the roads getting busier every day, Bikeability training teaches the life-long skills of safe cycling, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting confidence and developing independence.

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st Century. The course has three levels, which teach adults and young people all the necessary skills to ride safely and confidently on modern roads.

If you would like to learn more about Bikeability and the courses we run, please contact or click here

Alternatively, call the Cycle Training Team on: 0161 274 2129