Post Course Assessment (PCA)

Post Course Assessment (PCA)

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All Cycle Training Instructors should receive a PCA from a registered Instructor Training Organisation (ITO). British Cycling, as a registered ITO, offer PCAs to anyone who has completed the four-day Cycle Training Instructor course whether having originally trained with us or not.

A PCA requires one of our British Cycling assessors to come and observe one or two of your group Bikeability sessions, paying particular attention to your understanding of the National Standard Outcomes for Bikeability Level 1-3 and your use of this knowledge to plan, deliver and review your sessions.

Our assessors will be observing whether you have the ability to manage trainees, introduce tasks with clear demonstrations and encourage progression throughout your sessions. You will also be required to complete a session plan and full risk assessment prior to the session that is being assessed.

Once you have passed your PCA, you will then receive a new updated NSI number from the Department of Transport (DfT) and your instructor status will be updated to fully qualified National Standard Instructor (NSIQ). As a fully qualified National Standard Instructor, you will be eligible to set up your own Bikeability Scheme and also train as a National Standard Instructor Trainer (NSIT).

To book a PCA now, please email your name, contact details, British Cycling membership number (if applicable) and the details of your Bikeability session (date, time, venue/location) to The cost of a PCA is £175 plus tutor expenses.