Speedway: Leicester lead all the way at Perry Barr

Speedway: Leicester lead all the way at Perry Barr

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Event: Midland League
Location: Birmingham Cycle Speedway, Perry Barr, Birmingham
Event: 29 September 013
Report: Tim Jarvis/Snowdon Sports

Despite the glorious sunshine, this fixture had something of an end of season feel to it as visitors Leicester opened up with a 7-3 from Norm Venson and Lauren Davies and, from that point, were never in any danger.

Despite taking a nasty fall Mark Winwood was the pick of the Birmingham riders and the Timms boys chipped in with some useful points, but no-one could stop Leicester skipper Craig Marchant who went through the card unbeaten by the opposition.

Marchant received back up throughout his team with the younger members again showing that their first-team experience this season will pay long term dividends.


Birmingham 82 (Mark Winwood 13, Chris Timms 13+3, Paul Timms 13+1, John Rawlings 13, Bob Prince 11, Steve Hodgkinson 9+1, Ewan Hancox 6, Rich Stevenson 2).

Leicester 99 (Craig Marchant 18+2, Lauren Davies 15+1, Liam Davies 13+1, Norm Venson 12+1, Ryan Hoyland 12+1, Mick Skinner 11+1, Liam Wood 11, Ash Doughty 7).

Other Midland League Results

Wednesfield Aces 99 Coventry 77

Mark Griffiths 18+2,Chris Jewkes 18+1,Ricki Johnson 18,Paul Heard 17+3,Matt Haddock 17,Glyn Rowley 5,Alex Aris 5,Wayne Aris 1.

Myke Grimes 15,Dave Frith 12,Lee Kemp 10+1,Conrad Pietak 10+1,Mason Philips 9,Joe Mclauglin 8+2,Shaun Reynolds 7+2,Dan Drewitt 6.

Midland League (Div 2)

Wednesfield Aces 71+16 Penalty Pts = 87 Coventry 59

Tom Bewick 15,Haydn Rowley 14,Charlie Ellitts 12,Courtney Aris 9+3,Alex Aris 9+2,Dylan Brooks 6+1,Charlie Jones 6+1.

Dan Drewitt 18,Shaun Reynolds 15,Josh Marsh 11,Olly Morris 6,Sammy Marsh 5,Charlie Barnett 4.

Midland League (Div 1)

Wednesfield Dragons 88 Coventry 89

Troy Allen 18,Tom Bewick 13,Jordan Holdcroft 12+1,Haydn Rowley 12,Harry Everiss 11+5,Dave Meanley 11+2,Mick Aris 10+1,Dylan Brooks 1.

Myke Grimes 20,Conrad Pietak 19+1,Joe Mclauglin 12+2,Dave Frith 11+3,Mason Philips 7,Lee Kemp 7,Dan Drewitt 7,Shaun Reynolds 6+1.