Speedway: Sheffield edge to victory over Ipswich

Speedway: Sheffield edge to victory over Ipswich

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Sheffield v Ipswich |
Location: Sheffield Cycle Speedway, Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre, Sheffield
Event: 22 September 2013
Report: Shaun Hudson/Snowdon Sports

Whenever Sheffield and Ipswich get together you are guaranteed a tough match with some great racing – and so it proved with the Yorkshire side just edging to a narrow victory on Sunday.

With the Stars having lost down in Suffolk earlier on in the season in a classic Elite League encounter the stage was set for another no holds barred contest. Both teams were making changes with riders missing due to injury and work commitments, with each club having a large pool of Junior riders to call on the youngsters got their chance today in the big league.

Heat 1 with Sheffield on the ins, Pawel Idszorek and Dan Chambers make the gate and storm to the front, it was looking like a Sheffield 7-3 until Ashley Hill makes a fine inside pass on Chambers and gets his partner Leon Mower through for 5-5. The next race with the Stars on outs Mikey Hewitson shoots around the outside from grid 4 to be joined by Damien Zareeba at the front and Sheffield take a comfortable maximum 7-3.

The next three races see heat advantages to Sheffield as Matt Smith, Idszorek and Chambers all take wins with great support from their partners, which include Stars Juniors Kyle Holland & Richard Hudson.

With five races gone Sheffield were ten up, but then a series of tape exclusions from the home side helped Ipswich get right back in it, Smith & Idszorek both do great damage limitation jobs.

Zareeba and Hewitson steady the ship with another great maximum from the outside grids again, however Richard Fellgate and Brooke repay them in kind in the very next heat when Sheffield suffer another tape exclusion. You have to feel a great deal of sympathy for lone Stars Junior rider Zach Smurthwaite who despite his best efforts can do little to stop the Ipswich duo.

This brings a half time score of 46-41 to Sheffield, after the break the first two races are shared before Ipswich take the advantage and narrow the gap to 3pts with a well taken 6-4 from Jamie Chittock and Brooke, Chittock the only rider to inflict a defeat on the flying Idszorek.

Smith takes a great win in the next heat but with Jamie Ball receiving his marching orders from Referee Mike Legge, Ipswich close the gap to 2 pts with a 5-4 heat advantage. Hewitson & Holland regain the advantage with a well taken 6-4 in the next heat, Holland putting in a superb pass on Matt Hill.

Ipswich close the gap again with another 5-4 as Chambers is forced to retire with bike problems, Smith notching is third win of the day. Heat 17 see the Stars take a well-earned 6-4 to finally put the match out of Ipswich reach, Idszorek taking his tally to 19pts.

A final 7-3 maximum from Zareeba and Ball wrap things up nicely with Zareeba returning an 18+2 maximum and getting back to the kind of form that saw him elevated to European Champion.

It was a true team effort from Sheffield with everyone chipping in to a hard fought victory.

For Ipswich Jamie Chittock and Richard Fellgate caught the eye, but in fairness all their youngsters contributed to a highly entertaining match.


Sheffield 92 Ipswich 83

Pawel Idszorek 19, Damien Zareeba 18+2, Mikey Hewitson 15, Matt Smith 15, Jamie Ball 8+2, Dan Chambers 6, Richard Hudson 5, Kyle Holland 4, Zach Smurthwaite 3.

Jamie Chittock 15+1, Josh Brooke 12+1, Ashley Hill 12, Lewis Roberts 11+2, Charlie Rumbold 10+1, Richard Fellgate 10, Leon Mower 8+2, Matt Hill 5.

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