Speedway: Convincing senior win for Stockport

Speedway: Convincing senior win for Stockport

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Location: Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester
Event: 17 July 2013
Report: Mike Hack/Snowdon Sports

Astley & Tyldesley CSC hosted the fourth round of the Manchester League Grand Prix series on a well-watered track which quickly dried out in the continuing hot conditions.

The Division 2 junior match was closely contested, Bury taking the win ahead of Astley and Tyldesley with Stockport in third.

Bury duo Tom Whitwam and James Elston raced unbeaten in, respectively, the under-10 and under-13 categories, while the host club's Reece Pollitt top scored in the under-16s, dropping his only point after slipping when well clear.

Stockport pair Jake Read and Mat Lush shared the spoils in the under-19 match, dropping two points to each other.

Stockport recorded a convincing win in the Division 1 senior match, led by Ben Higham who went unbeaten and recorded the fastest time of the night, 43.82 seconds, when winning the last race. Jake Read lost only to Higham.


Division 2 (juniors)
Teams: 1 Bury 68, 2 Astley & Tyldesley 61, 3 Stockport 58
Under-10: Tom Whitwam (Bury) 16, James Barry (Stockport) 14, Louis Turner (Bury) 13, Emily
Burgess (A&T) 11, Daisy Osmand (A&T) 9, Ashton Semtyshin (A&T) 7, John White (A&T) 6, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 4.
Under-13: James Elston (Bury) 16, Ciaran Collins (A&T) 14, Max Evans (A&T) 12, Adam Turnbull (Bury) 11, Liam Briggs (A&T) 9, Alex Semtyshin (A&T) 8, Tyler Gorry (A&T) 6.
Under-16: Reece Pollitt (A&T) 15, Adam Watson (Bury) 12, Connor Simpson (Stockport) 8, Danny Taylor (Bury) 5.
Under-19: Jake Read (Stockport) 14, Mat Lush (Stockport) 14, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 8, Laura Watson (Bury) 4.
League standings after four rounds: 1 Bury 11, 2 Stockport 7, 3 Astley & Tyldesley 6.

Division 1 (seniors)
Teams: 1 Stockport 67, 2 Bury 38, 3 Astley & Tyldesley 8
Ben Higham (Stockport) 16, Jake Read (Stockport) 14, Mat Lush (Stockport) 13, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 12, Connor Simpson (Stockport) 12, Neil Howarth (Bury) 11, Adam Watson (Bury) 10, James Elston (Bury) 8, Roy Heslop (A&T) 8, Laura Watson (Bury) 6, John Whiting (Bury) 3.
League standings after four rounds: 1 Stockport 11, 2 Bury 7, 3 Astley & Tyldesley 3.

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