Jack Lush leads Stockport to victory over Hull

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Event: 31 March 2013
Location: Stockport CSC
Report: Andy Schofield

Hull travelled to Stockport for their second Northern League match of the season on a cold but dry day.

The first heat was drawn but Stockport soon showed their intentions with maximums to Matt Lush / Terry Norman and Jack Lush / Ben Higham in the next two heats. Jack and Ben extended the lead with another 7-3 in heat 6 before Hull hit back with a good 7-3 of their own from Andy Angell / Craig Boddice in the following race.

Hull were trailing by 10 points at the Interval and things got worse at the start of the second half with an exclusion for Lewis Aylmer with Rob Stockton Garner unfortunate to be awarded third place for the visitors. The home sides Matt Lush / Terry Norman and Jack Lush / Ben Higham were proving very strong and won heats 11 and 13 by the maximum score. Hull continued to fight for every point despite the score line and Andy Angell / Rob Stockton Garner took a 6-4 in heat 14 but the home sides top 6 strength was too much for the visitors and an Andy Angell / Sam Schofield final heat 6-4 was only a consolation.

Jack Lush scored a fine unbeaten score for Stockport with good support from all his side including Adam Phillips making his home debut. Adam Stephenson and Andy Angell were the visitors main threat and they sacrificed a few points in helping team mates. Craig Bodice and Rob Stockton Garner also caught the eye as future prospects.

Result - Northern League

Stockport 103: Jack Lush 20, Matt Lush 16+2, Terry Norman 16+2, Adam Phillips 14, Ben Higham 13+4, Joe Pickford 9, Jake Read 6+1, Connor Simpson 5+1.

Hull 73: Adam Stephenson 14+1, Andy Angell 13+1, Sam Schofield 11, Ben Swanborough 11, Craig Boddice 9, Rob Stockton Garner 7+1, Lewis Aylmer 4, Rich Pawson 4.

The Division Two match was a much closer affair with Stockport fielding three riders from the first match with two youngsters while Hull put out six riders in their first outing of the day along with Rob Stockton Garner at reserve. There was little between the sides with Stockport winning most of the races and Hull filling the minor places. The final heats were decisive as first Hull took a 7-3 from David Cooper / Rob Stockton Garner only for Joe Pickford / Adam Phillips to reply with a maximum for the home side in the following heat. The visitors held a 2 point lead going into the final heat and looked set for victory but Rob Stockton Garner received a first bend exclusion for legging that seemed somewhat harsh. Stockport’s Connor Simpson won the re-run and clinched a one point victory for the home side. Joe Pickford and Adam Phillips were unbeaten for Stockport with David Cooper only dropping one point for Hull but rueing a first race tape exclusion.

Result - Northern League - Division 2

Stockport 72: Joe Pickford 20, Adam Phillips 19+1, Connor Simpson 17, Ashley Taylor 9, James Barry 7+1.

Hull 71: David Cooper 15, Ryan Harrison 13+1, Nathan Everett 13+1, Josh Bellis 11, Rob Stockton Garner 10+3, Charlie Davis 7+1, Harrison Davis 2.

In the Division Three match Hull won by 24 points to 12 with each race won by Charlie Davis of Hull from Stockport’s James Barry with Hull’s Harrison Davis third.

Result - Northern League - Division 3

Stockport 12: James Barry 12

Hull 24: Charlie Davis 16, Harrison Davis 8.