Cycle Speedway: Davies Leads The Way For Leicester

Cycle Speedway: Davies Leads The Way For Leicester

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Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Frog Island, Leicester
Event: 10 March 2013
Report: Tim Jarvis/Snowdon Sports

Leicester’s Lauren Davies headed the score chart as the home side got the better of Edinburgh in a challenge match which produced some interesting racing despite the somewhat heavy going on a track which was flooded just two hours before the start.

The action began with a 6-4 for Leicester from Norm Venson and Ash Doughty, and in the next heat Davies rode a clever first bend to take the lead with Kev Burns joining her before the end of the lap to gain a 7-3 and put Leicester firmly in charge.

The Edinburgh boys fought back, however, and a heat seven 6-4 from Mikey Hewitson and Neil McPherson brought them within two points of the Monarchs.

The second half opened and finished with 7-3 heat advantages to the home side, while in between the visitors had five heat winners but could never make inroads into the deficit although the final score looked a little more comfortable than the close racing would suggest.

As expected, Hewitson was the powerhouse for the Scots, backed up well by Jake Sleight while both Chris Lee and Marcin Czarkowski looked like good prospects.

Davies showed yet again that she should never be underestimated for Leicester, and Liam Wood chipped in with a couple of second places which to bode well for the future.


Leicester 98 (Lauren Davies 18, Kev Burns 15+4, Craig Marchant 15+3, Nick Whitehead 15, Norm Venson 14+1, Ash Doughty 10+2, Liam Wood 9, Jenna Whitehead 2)

Edinburgh 91 (Mikey Hewitson 16, Jake Sleight 15, Lee Lawrence 13, Chris Lee 11, Marcin Czarkowski 9, Neil McPherson 9+1, Mark Lee 7+3, Douglas Morgan 2)


Leicester 58 (Luke Whitehead 14, Liam Doughty 10, Mia Duckham 9, Sarah Olsen 9)

Edinburgh 72 (Marcin Czarkowski 16, Douglas Morgan 15, Mark Lee 13)

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