Wednesfield Aces travel north of the border

Wednesfield Aces travel north of the border

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Location: Edinburgh Cycle Speedway, Redbraes Raceway, Broughton Road, Edinburgh
Event: 7 October 2012

Day 1

On Friday evening Wednesfield Aces made the near 300 mile trip to Glasgow to have an exhibition/challenge match with the newly resurrected club today followed by the short drive the Edinburgh on Sunday.

Aces were graced with the presence of cycle speedway legend Norman Venson who looked right at home in a Wednesfield shirt.

The challenge match got underway with Glasgow pairing of Chic Mackie and Anthony MacQuire and the Aces Troy Allen and Harrie Everiss. The Wednesfield pair gated well in the slippery track taking seven points.

Heat 2 is a 5-5 slip followed by five heat wins on the run for the visiting club.  The riding is fast and furious, the track is slippery which is a challenge for both sides. First heat after the interval and the points go to Glasgow, 72 year Chic showing he still has the skills to manage. Heat 17 saw a problem with the tape which only Chic Mackie could resolve thus handing his ride and final heat to Hewittson

The score finished up 81-99 to the travelling side with Mikey Hewittson showing everyone how it's done scoring 24 from his 6 heats.


Edinburgh: A Hewittson 24, A McDougle 19, M Lee 15, C Mackie 7, C Cairney 6, T McQuire 5, A MacQuire 5.

Glasgow: T Allen 17, D Meanley 17, H Everiss 15, H Rowley 15, N Venson 13, C Dyke 11, D Morgan 11.

The individual riders got underway with seven riders from Wednesfield competing including the club’s press officer that donned a helmet and borrowed a bike for his first outing since the Balls To Cancer charity meeting last month.

Dave Meanley, fired up for the challenge, scored a 20 point maximum with some superb riding and passing.


D Meanley 20, N Venson 18, H Rowley 17, M Lee 16, T Allen 16, A McDougle 15, H Everiss 15, D Morgan 14, C Dyke 12, G Rowley 12, C Mackie 10.

Day 2

The Edinburgh Falcons fielded a strong side captained by Mikey Hewittson who started heat 1 with Mark Lee. Intelligent riding by Hewittson sees seven points going to the home side.

The following two heats were tight with great passing resulting 5 all. Heat 4 was a different story with the man mountain Callum Slight showing Troy Allen the shoulder bringing both riders down, subsequently being excluded.

The riding continued to be tight and competitive. Heat 10 saw the legend Chic Mackie take a guest ride for the Aces. The old boy still has what it takes and produced a text book pass on Dougie Morgan, unfortunately the legs didn't agree.

Heat 14 saw the second exclusion of the match for Ewan Tullock when he took 'the not so' Slight so far off the track a shout from the crowd was heard for biscuits from Tesco.

The challenge match finished with a home team victory 94-83 with some spectacular riding again by the Scottish boys.

The committee at Wednesfield Aces would like to extend their gratitude to Chic Mackie and the Scottish clubs for a welcoming and fabulous weekend.