Newcastle win Challenge match over Bury

Newcastle win Challenge match over Bury

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Location: Bury Cycle Speedway, Goshen Sports Centre, Bury
Event: 12 August 2012

Bury welcomed the North East side to Goshen for a friendly fixture, the track was in excellent condition and two smartly turned out sides took a parade lap, before referee John Burston called the riders to the tapes for race 1.

Steven Whittaker raced away for a home win with Newcastle’s Kirkup and Keith levelling the heat. John Wilson gave the visitors the lead as he led home Whiting with Mitchell third and former home favourite Mike Berry trying hard for all four laps. Gavin raced away in the third but good work from Rothwell and Mann levelled the heat. Another fine win to Whittaker but O’Callaghan picked up a good third to level the scores at 20-20. 

The visitors who only reformed this year took control as a good seven points in race 5, by Kirkup and Redshaw was quickly followed by a fine pass from Gavin Parr in the 7th and another seven pointer in race 8 despite a four lap effort from M Berry. Rothwell and O’Callaghan again hit back with six points against John Wilson. Steve Mann having a good afternoon took the 10th race but once again Newcastle increased their lead as Parr continued his unbeaten run.

A fine pass for Whittaker showed the home side were still contesting every point, Steve Berry just hanging on for 3rd and 6 to the home side. 2 Maximum race wins to Kirkup / Keith and Parr/ Raishaw ensured the win would go the visitors.  Two times six points and a final race 18 seven-pointer gave Newcastle a deserved 101-79 victory.

There was plenty of excellent racing throughout the match; with Referee Burston little to do. Gavin Parr scored a fine 20 point maximum, very well supported by Keith ;Wilson and Kirkup with reserve Redshaw just losing once. For Bury, minus Dyson, Steve Whittaker lost just once with Rothwell; Mann and Whiting supporting well, Dave O’Callaghan scoring some important thirds. Steve and Mike Berry did very well considering they hadn’t ridden for over 30 and 15 years respectively, although Steve Berry showed he’d lost none of his gating prowess.

This was another excellent display from Newcastle Nomads who have only lost once on their travels, the success and enthusiasm for the sport will hopefully see a Track in Newcastle in the near future, and it’s to be hoped they can join the league next year as they are a very competent and committed team.


Bury: Steve Whittaker 19, S Berry 7, J Whiting 12, M Berry 5, F Rothwell 15, S Mann 10, D O’Callaghan 6, J Halloren 3.

Newcastle: J Keith 16, T Kirkup 17, J Wilson 17, F Mitchell 8, G Parr 20, N McGee 11, J Graham 4, D Redshaw 8. (K Dyer and J Smith 1 each)

Referee - John Burston