Team Semi-Final: Wednesfield v Horspath

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One of the most eagerly awaited semi finals for some years, between two the UK's top clubs, got underway at 11:00 at Hull, with a place in the Final of the British Team Championship at stake. Here's how the action unfolded, heat-by-heat.

Heat 1 was rather uneventful with a 5-5 split seeing C Jewkes in 2nd, reserve ride for M Griffiths in 3rd and the win and 4th to S Harris and S Rudman of Horsepath.

Heat 2 saw the Hammers pull a two point advantage with the pairing Bolar and Osbourn.

Heat 3 went five a piece with the ref calling the riders back after S Doherty fell at the tapes picking up what looked an injury, but some attention from Roger Ellis saw him back on track.

Heat 6 the Hammers stretched their lead after G Wheeler for Aces was excluded for causing a stoppage early on lap 1. M Haddock could find a pass on the Horspath pairing of S Harris and M Carmichael.

Heat 7 G Wheeler gates well and retains his lead to take 4 points C Osbourne keeps C Jewkes at bay to split the points 5-5

Heat 8 a 5 point split. A pattern is starting to appear from Horsepath that they settle into a stride splitting to points to maintain their small lead.

Heat 9 and, with the break approaching, Wednesfield need to pull something out gate specialist M Griffiths lines up with power house L Aris to pull a 6-4 result sending positive vides to the pits. The gap was down to 2 points at the break, Team Managers Wayne Aris and Roger Ellis needing to inspire the Aces for the 2nd half. The scores at the interval - Wednesfied Aces 43 - Horspath Hammers 45

Heat 10 S Rudman wins from the gate pulling out another two points from the Aces.

Heat 11 B Mould away for 4 points, but again the Hammers happy with 5 points.

Heat 12 movement on the gate, the ref calls all 4 back, and again the points are split 5 each

Heat 13, Heat 14 some competitive racing finishes 5-5.

Heat 15 Mike Hack calls all 4 back twice for movement, then a first corner infringement. Third time lucky, but not for Wednesfield as the Hammers took a 5-4 victory - R Johnson wins G Wheeler falls after colliding with C Osbourne gets lapped and fails to finish.

Heat 16 and 17 Wednesfield take the win, heat 16 is a 5-5 split, heat 17 sees B Mould manoeuvred wide by M Boaler and fails to finish.

Going into the final heat, Wednesfield Aces trailed by 8 points and that's the final margin as the heat is split 5-5.


Wednesfield Aces 84: Lee Aris 18, Chris Jewkes 14, Mark Griffiths 12, Ricki Johnson 11, Ben Mould 11, Scott Doherty 8, Gavin Wheeler 8, Matthew Haddock 2

Horspath 91: Steve Harris 18, Shaun Rudman 14, Mark Carmichael 13, Lewis Bates 12, Mark Boaler 11, Lewis Osbourne 10, Chris Osbourne 7, Errol Thaw 6