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Reports from the week ending 6 May 2012.

Euro Vets 2
Location: Sandwell Cycle Speedway
Event: 5 May 2012

16 Riders contested Round 2 of the Euro Vets held at Sandwell, despite the lack of competition there at the moment the track was in very good condition and produced some excellent racing. A couple of the heavyweights clashed in race 1, Mark Griffith holding off Dave Frith with Dave Baxter taking a valuable two points. Race 2 and home star Phil Hemming led all the way from Paul Timms and Fred Rothwell, with Paul Dyson earning the wrath of Referee Smith. Mike Burgess had a comfortable four points in the third with Dennis Hubble making the most of his two grid ones and eight points. Griffiths again away in the 7th, with Burgess taking the victory over Frith in the 8th, after Mick Aris went from last to first on one bend and back to 4th the next lap, great entertainment. Joe McLaughlin became the first rider to break the stranglehold in winning race 9. Griffith remained undefeated as he led home Hubble in race 12. Burgess and Griffiths led the field with 12, Hubble 11, Frith, hemming, McLaughlin all on 10. Plenty of action is the older ranks as well with Mick Aris holding off the attentions of Rothwell and Stevens. Kev Greaves after a quiet start took race 17, Stevens a crucial race 18 from Rothwell and Aris, with lots of tactical racing going on. A fine win from Hubble in race 19 inflicting Mark Griffiths first defeat, with Paul Timms having an up and down day third. Dave Frith took the last race from a consistent Hemming and McLaughlin, with Dave Meanley who started well having his second tangle and last place.

Finals time and after much debate and count backs and choosing gates, Whiting and Machie had a match race for the 0/60 5th place, JW winning from 1, the only thing to go right all day. A Final and Mick Aris got the better of the elbows with Stevens coming in for the second and Rothwell third.

O/50 Finals . B Final and Paul Timms took the start and led from Stevens Rothwell with Mick Aris taking a tumble first lap. The A Final and Dennis Hubble remains on top of the pile, a clinical gate to line win despite the 4 lap attention of Mike Burgess, with Phil Hemming third in front of a tired Joe McLaughlin.

O/40 Finals, it can be a tiring day, but Phil Hemming took the spoils from Paul Timms who had a 4 lap battle with Rothwell, and Joes legs still tired.

The A Final looked a cracker, Hubble 1 Griffiths 2, Frith 3 Burgess 4. However Dennis a little too eager was excluded by Referee Smith, with Mark Griffiths holding off an ever pressing Firth and Burgess.

Results after 2 rounds:

O/40:- Mark Griffith 50 --points- Dave Frith 45 – Dennis Hubble 44

O/50:-Dennis Hubble 50 –Mike Burgess 44 – Paul Timms 42

O/60:- Mick Aris 50 – Les Stevens 46 – Fred Rothwell 44.

British Under 10 Club Championship
Location: Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Club, Manchester
Event: 5 May 2012

Astley & Tyldesley staged the U-10 British Club Championships at Gin Pit, the first of the seven rounds that make up the overall British Club Championship series, on a cold but dry Saturday.

The defending champions, Kesgrave, were pushed hard all the way by the home Astley & Tyldesley team, before the Suffolk team clinched the championship with a win in the last race. These two teams were well ahead of the opposition, with Kesgrave riders winning 14 races and Astley & Tyldesley riders winning 13 races, out of the total of 30 races.

Astley & Tyldesley's captain, Max Evans, scored a 20 points maximum, with support from the rest of the team. A total of 70 points for Astley & Tyldesley would usually be more than enough to seal a victory in this 6 team 30 heats race formula but full credit must go to Kesgrave, whose 72 points total ensured that they retained the trophy. They took the lead over Astley & Tyldesley in the very first race, when James Pomroy recorded the fastest time of the day, 35.53 seconds and hung on to a narrow lead throughout the match. Lewis Brinkhoff also raced unbeaten in his five races, as under this formula not all riders meet each other.

Ipswich and Sheffield were neck and neck for most of the match, before the Suffolk side edged clear in the final round of races to take third place overall. Wednesfield took fifth place, with a three rider Poole team finishing well adrift in sixth place.

U-10 British Club Championships result:

Kesgrave 72: Lewis Brinkhoff 20, James Pomroy 19, Oliver Wright 18, James Porter 10, Alfie Steward 5.

Astley & Tyldesley 70: Max Evans 20, Callum Maguire 18, Tom Whitwam 18, Matt Snell 14, Daniel Smith-Makin dnr.

Ipswich 47: Gemma Hill 13, Charlie Johnson 12, Ben Clarke 11, Kai Maguire 11.

Sheffield 45: Morgan Turner 15, Sam Turney 12, Sam Bowles 10, Alice Turney 8.

Wednesfield 40: Jack Tedstill 15, Kaine Brown 12, Liam Fogg 7, Joseph Penny 6.

Poole 20: Nathan Goulden 10, Will Cavanagh 5, Shannon Hanmer 5.

Photographs of the match will be placed on the Astley & Tyldesley club website within the next few days, at

One2Call Women & Girls Inter-Regional League 1
Location:Sheffield Cycle Speedway
Event: 5 May 2012

There was some terrific racing on show as Round 1 of the One2call Women’s League 2012 season commenced at Sheffield’s Graves Centre track. The opening team fixtures pitted defending Champions Eastern Region against the North with South & South Wales against the Midlands.

The North’s Sheffield contingent put home track advantage to good use as they claimed their first ever win in this competition with a 60-59 defeat of a strong looking Eastern squad. The form book was turned upside down as early as race 1 with 12 year old Ellie Sullivan shooting from the tapes to hold off the challenges of Danielle Riley and Laura Dale for a shared 5-5 score. The North took the lead with a 7-3 as Amber Webster came through to join Sandra Tamborska for the maximum score in race 3. The East region hit straight back with a maximum from Dale/Riley in the next race as they squeezed out Georgina Healy (the North’s only non-Sheffield rider) on the first bend. Lauren Jacobs then lost out to Tamborska, and with Webster in third place the resulting 6-4 advantage put the North back in front. The scores were levelled at 30-30 after the East replied with a 6-4 in the next race from Tiffany Collins/Carly Grimes. Three more drawn races saw the scores stand at 45-45 with just three races remaining. The next race had everything as fortunes changed when Amber Webster took a crashing fall and brought down Danielle Riley. Webster had superbly fought her way past the Ipswich rider with a well timed pass only for disaster to strike on the exit of turn 4 of the third lap. With Webster excluded the race was re-run and the East took what looked like a match winning 6-3 as Riley held off the challenge of Tamborska. After another drawn race the North were left knowing only a maximum 7-3 win would secure the match points. They achieved just what was required as Tamborksa and team captain Vicky Brown swept away the challenge of Collins/Grimes from outside grids to record a famous victory.


Northern (60) – Vicky Brown 14+1, Sandra Tamborska 13+2, Ellie Sullivan 13, Amber Webster 8+1, Georgina Healy 7, Billie Owen 5+1.

Eastern (59) – Lauren Jacobs 15, Danielle Riley 14, Tiffany Collins 10+1, Laura Dale 9+3, Carly Grimes 7, Niamh Morton 4.

Both South & South Wales took control of their match up with the Midlands when Livvy Horsley passed Laura Watson for a second race 6-4 result. With Rebecca Davies/Charlie Jane Herbert and Lauren Hookway/Patrycja Borak securing maximum 7-3 wins in races 3 and 6 the South & South Wales were in a commanding 36-24 lead. The only joy the Midlands team were getting was from three drawn heats with the Charlie Ellitts/Natalie Timms pairing. The Midlands reduced the arrears to 36-43 in an eventful race 8. Laura Watson’s persistence brought an error from Rebecca Davies who fell on turn one of the last lap. Then on the last bend Borak also fell to allow Michaela Whetton through to join Watson for a maximum score. But two further maximum 7-3 race wins, both featuring Livvy Horsley, who completed an unbeaten score, saw the South & South complete a comprehensive 68-51 victory.


South & South Wales 68:  Lauren Hookway 15+1, Livvy Horsley 14+2, Charlie Jane Herbert 13+2, Rebecca Davies 9, Patrycja Borak 7, Kristina Mines 7, Jamie Lee Walters 3.

Midlands 51: Laura Watson 13, Charlie Ellitts 10+3, Natalie Timms 10, Courtney Aris 7, Michaela Whetton 6+1, Jenna Whitehead 4, Chloe Whitehead.

After a short break, the riders then returned to compete in the individual races. The over 16s was again dominated by Lauren Jacobs. Jacobs won all of her 20 races in 2011 and started 2012 in the same vein by taking all four qualifying races, although her last race was hard fought as she had to dig deep to pass Danielle Riley on lap three. Vicky Brown ended runner up as her fortunes changed dramatically as the match progressed. Beaten by a good pass from Tiffany Collins in heat 6, the Sheffield rider gave up all hope of making the A final when trailing in behind Collins and Laura Watson in heat 8. Then in the very last qualifying race her closest challengers (Laura Watson and Charlie Ellitts) trailed in behind Rebecca Davies and Carly Grimes. Brown making the most of her reprieve by taking runners-up spot from grid one in the final.


Lauren Jacobs 16, Danielle Riley 15, Tiffany Collins 13, Vicky Brown 12, Charlie Ellitts 11, Rebecca Davies 10, Laura Watson 10, Carly Grimes 9, Natalie Timms 8, Jenna Whitehead 8.

A Final – 1st Lauren Jabobs, 2nd Vicky Brown, 3rd Danielle Riley, 4th Tiffany Collins.

B Final – 1st Rebecca Davies, 2nd Laura Watson, 3rd Charlie Ellitts, 4th Carly Grimes

C Final – 1st Natalie Timms, 2nd Jenna Whitehead.

Three riders dominated the Under 16s with Livvy Horsley going through the card for an unbeaten 16 point score, while Lauren Hookway and Sandra Tamborksa both lost just once. The only other riders to secure race wins were Patrycja Borak, Kristina Mines and Ellie Sullivan. There hadn’t been much to choose between the top three so it would gate draw would be crucial. So it proved with Lauren Hookway making the most of grid one with a fast start and then withholding the challenge of Tamborksa. The surprise was with the previously unbeaten Horsley being unable to pass Charlie Jane Herbert who maintained a good pace on the racing line.


Livvy Horsley 16, Lauren Hookway 15, Sandra Tamborska, Charlie Jane Herbert 13, Kristina Mines 12, Ellie Sullivan 12, Patrycja Borak 11, Jamie Lee Walters 11, Amber Webster 11, Courtney Aris 8, Billie Owen 8, Chloe Whitehead 7, Charlotte Adams 6, Katy Unwin 5, Niamh Morton 4, Alice Unwin 4.

A Final – 1st Lauren Hookway, 2nd Sandra Tamborska, 3rd Charlie Jane Herbert, 4th Livvy Horsley

B Final - 1st Ellie Sullivan, 2nd Amber Webster, 3rd Kristina Mines, 4th Patrycja Borak

C Final – 1st Jamie Lee Walters, 2nd Courtney Aris, 3rd Billie Owen, 4th Chloe Whitehead

D Final – 1st Charlotte Adams, 2nd Niamh Morton, 3rd Alice Unwin, 4th Katy Unwin.

S&SW Regional League
Location: Poole Cycle Speedway, Swindon Cycle Speedway
Event: 6 May 2012

There were local derby wins for Poole and Horspath in Division 1 of the South West League at the weekend but whilst the Oxford club were taken to a nail biting last heat decider at the Oasis, it was mostly one way traffic at Harbourside.

A Rob Hunt exclusion proved costly for Swindon who were very close to lowering the colours of the defending league champions for the first time this season. Gavin Wheeler was a class act for the Saints at Poole where he dropped his only points after a well executed pass by Leyton Glover.

 Division 1 Results:

Poole 109: Wil Bristowe 18+2 Leyton Glover 17+3 Chris Shylock 16+3 Sam Hearn 14+2 Aaron Smith 14+2 Arron Morgan 11+2 Luke Armes 10 Kieren Yeatman 9

Southampton 68: Gavin Wheeler 17+1 Hayden Chant 12 Pete Chant 11 Josh Roberton 10 Ben Turner 8 Connor Wilson 5 James Colling 3 Lewis Wilson 2

Swindon 89: Ethan Greenslade 8, Daniel Harper 20+1, Jake Neighbour 8, Rob Hunt 9+2, Matthew Rayson 4, Shaun Rudman 16+2, Andy Hill 18, Paul Matthews 6+2

Horspath 90: Mike Burgess 12+2, Ben Glanville 1, Wayne Hutt 16+1, Wayne Clarke 14, Lee Clarke 11, David Carmichael 16+1, Mark Janes 8, Zac Payne 12+1

Conference League Results:

Poole 63: Jay Briggs 13 Alex Lane 12 Shane Hanmer 11 Niall Instone 10 Kristina Mines 10 Hayden Rowles 7

Southampton 53: Hayden Chant 16 Connor Wilson 16 James Colling 12 Lewis Wilson 5 Asley Wilson 4.

Division 2 Results:

Swindon 64: Aston Fear 4, Jim Collier 12, Daniel Rayson 7+1, Matthew Rayson 15, Sean Brown 6+1, Jake Neighbour 15+1

Horspath 76: George Horsley 14, Ben Glanville 10+4, Jordan Richardson 9+1, Patrycja Borak 12, Livvy Horsley 8, Peter Payne 8

British Under 13s Club Championship
Location: Bury CSC
Event: Sunday 6 May 2012

Ipswich 73: Pierce Bacon 19; Ben Harvey 19; Jack Chaplin 18; Harrison Bacon 14; Alex Harvey 3:

Sheffield 66: Adam Watson 20; Ellie Sullivan 17; Ed Morton 16; Niall Morton 11; Billie Owens 2:

Kesgrave 47: Tyler Brinkoff 13; Stefan Farthing 13; Cormac Retman 9; Jay Berry 8; Evan Vincent 5:

Bury 44: James Elston 15; DFanny Taylor 13; Adam Turnbull 11; Adam Taylor 5; Sam Vaughan DNR:

Poole 38: Callum Smith 14; George Newman 8; Chloe Albin 7; Macie Schmidt 5; Fraser Garnett 4:

Birmingham 28: Ewan Hancox 9; Reece Winwood 7; Jack Lever 5; Jake Ryan 4; Ryan Winwood 3:

British Under 13s Club Championship
Location: Sheffield CSC
Event: Sunday 7 May 2012

The 2012 British Under 13 Individual Champions are Sheffield’s Ellie Sullivan and Exeter’s Will Tidball who raced to the titles at a cold but dry Sheffield circuit.

There were no upsets in the boys’ pre-qualifiers, though nerves and mistakes saw the likes of James Elston, George Horsley, Will Tidball and Adam Watson take two races to qualify for the finals. The unlucky four to miss out were Birmingham’s Ewan Hancox, Ipswich’s Alex Harvey and Poole duo Frazer Garnett and Nathan Goulding .

The boys’ final started with an upset in heat 1 as Adam Watson lost out to Liam Davies from his grid one and Brendan Whetton finished last after falling. Will Tidball, George Horsley and Liam Wood won the other opening races. Will Tidball defeated Liam Davies in heat 6 and led after two races each with 8 points. Adam Watson won from grid 4 in heat 9 to go onto 11 points and he was soon joined by George Horsley who rode a controlled win in heat 10. Ben Harvey briefly led Liam Davies in heat 11, before the Leicester rider powered round the outside to also move onto 11 points. Will Tidball completed untroubled wins from his two grid one’s in heats 12 and 13 to move onto 16 points and a clear lead as Adam Watson and George Horsley were behind the Exeter ace in that crucial heat 13. Another jet propelled start from grid 4 for Adam Watson saw him take first place in heat 17 and finish the contest with 18 points and a likely place on the rostrum. Heat 18 saw Brendan Whetton be the first rider to defeat Will Tidball and the East Park rider was left to rue his first race fall. Heat 19 saw George Horsley shoot from the tapes to take the chequered flag with a very mature ride to keep Liam Davies at bay and so put the Leicester rider in to a run off for the silver medal and confirm Will Tidball would be wearing the winners rainbow jersey. Liam Davies called correctly with the coin flip and chose to go from grid two in the silver medal run-off. Adam Watson made a brave attempt at an inside pass on lap two but the Leicester rider was wise to the move and closed the door to make the Sheffield rider have to settle for bronze.


Will Tidball (Exeter) 19, Liam Davies (Leicester) 18, Adam Watson (Sheffield) 18, George Horsley (Horspath) 17, Brandon Whetton (East Park) 15, Pierce Bacon (Ipswich) 14, James Elston (Bury) 13, Ben Harvey (Ipswich) 13, Jack Chaplin (Ipswich) 12, Niall Morton (Sheffield) 11, Robert Stockton-Garner (Hull) 11, Liam Wood (Leicester) 10, Callum Smith (Poole) 9, Ed Morton (Sheffield) 8, Harrison Bacon (Ipswich) 6, George Newman (Poole) 6.

Ellie Sullivan was the clear favourite for the girls’ title and she raced with great maturity to complete a comfortable unbeaten 16 point maximum to take the winners rainbow jersey and gold medal. Ellie’s rise in the sport has been meteoric, having started racing less than 12 months ago after attending one of the school events that had been brought about by the Sheffield Club’s involvement with Sustrans’ bike-it officers. Lilly Gedge from Kesgrave took a well deserved silver medal, losing out only to the flying Sullivan. Poole’s Macie Schmidt beat Sheffield’s Billie Owen in heat 12 to force a run off for the bronze medal. Billie Owen called correctly with the coin flip and chose grid 2 for the run-off. Owen led from the tapes but Schmidt pressed hard for two laps before she ran out of steam on the last lap and Owen pulled away to claim the bronze medal. Spare a thought though for the unlucky Chloe Whitehead. The Leicester rider inexplicably fell on the back straight of the last lap while leading Owen in heat 2. She was still feeling the effects of that fall when she trailed in behind Sullivan and Schmidt in heat 4, but then bounced back with a win and a second to finish on 11 points.


Ellie Sulivan (Sheffield) 16, Lily Gedge (Kesgrave) 15, Billie Owen (Sheffield) 13, Macie Schmidt (Poole) 13, Chloe Albin (Poole) 12, Chloe Whitehead (Leicester) 11, Niamh Morton (Sheffield) 9, Gemma Hill (Ipswich) 8, Jayati Hine (Sheffield) dnr.