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Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports

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Reports from the week ending 29 April 2012.

Manchester Senior & Junior Grand Prix
Location: Astley & Tyldesley CSC, Manchester
Event: 25 April 2012

Astley & Tyldesley hosted Round 1 of the Manchester League Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Wednesday evening. The weather continued its pattern for most of April by raining steadily throughout the match but the track surface held up well to provide a really good race circuit, under the Gin Pit floodlights.

Manchester League Division 1 match:

Bury won the Division 1 (senior) match, finishing ahead of last year's winners, Stockport, with Astley and Tyldesley third. Jake Read completed a great night's racing, by riding unbeaten in this match as well. Jack Lush was the only rider to beat Bury's Chris Parish, when winning heat 10 in the fastest time of the night, 45.57 secs.


Bury 54 Stockport 39 Astley & Tyldesley 17:

Sen: Jake Read (Stockport) 16, Chris Parish (Bury) 15, Jack Lush (Stockport) 14, Joe Allen (Bury) 14, Will Owens (Bury) 10, Roy Heslop (Astley and Tyldesley) 9, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 9, Adam Watson (Bury) 9, Ron Makin (Astley and Tyldesley) 8, Laura Watson (Bury) 6, John Whiting (Bury) 5.

Manchester League Division 2 match:

Astley and Tyldesley ran out winners in the Division 2 (junior) match, finishing ahead of Bury, with last year's winners, Stockport, in third place. Each of the four categories had a rider recording a maximum 16 points. They were Astley and Tyldesley's Max Evans in the U-10 match, Adam Watson of Bury in the U-13 match, Stockport's Jake Read in the U-16 match and Jack Lush of Stockport in the U-19 match.


Astley and Tyldesley 68 Bury 63 Stockport 56:

U-10s: Max Evans (Astley and Tyldesley) 16, Callum Maguire (Astley and Tyldesley) 14, Tom Whitwam (Astley and Tyldesley) 14, Kieren Smith (Stockport) 11, Matt Snell (Astley and Tyldesley) 9, John White (Astley and Tyldesley) 6.

U-13s: Adam Watson (Bury) 16, James Elston (Bury) 14, Stefan Whitelegg (Astley and Tyldesley) 13, Daniel Burns (Astley and Tyldesley) 11, Adam Turnbull (Bury) 10, Matthew Sweeney (Astley and Tyldesley) 6.

U-16s: Jake Read (Stockport) 16, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 12, Ryan Livesey (Bury) 11, Reece Pollitt (Astley and Tyldesley) 7, Callum Smith (Stockport) 1.

U-19s: Jack Lush (Stockport) 16, Will Owens (Bury) 12, Laura Watson (Bury) 8.

Midland League Division 3
Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leicester
Event: 28 April 2012

Leicester gave debuts to five new riders, all of them enjoyed the experience and acquitted themselves well. The first match against Birmingham was entertaining throughout, Ewan Hancox and Dylan Hexley looking impressive for the visitors and debutant Sarah Olsen picking up a couple of wins for the home side.


Leicester 64: Luke Whitehead 14, Sarah Olsen 13+1, Elizabeth Rigley 10+1, Joel Duckham 9+1, Abbey Duckham 8, Matthew Walpole 7, George Olsen 3

Birmingham 62: Ewan Hancox 17+2, Jake Ryan 14+1, Dylan Hexley 12, Reece Winwood 9+2, Ryan Winwood 9, Honey Whitehead 0

The second match against East Park was tight in the early heats but the age and experience of the Wolverhampton outfit shone through in the later stages. Brandon Whetton raced to a paid maximum for the Wolves, only Leicester’s two Liams, Wood and Doughty, managed heat wins but everyone battled hard and again the match was interesting to watch.


Leicester 59: Liam Wood 15, Liam Doughty 13, Sarah Olsen 7, Chloe Whitehead 7+3, Luke Whitehead 5+2, Elizabeth Rigley 4, Abbey Duckham 4, Honey Whitehead 3

Birmingham were well beaten by East Park in the third match, but full credit to the Wolves riders who encouraged their younger opponents all the way.

Birmingham 44, East Park 67.

S&SW Regional League
Location: East Newport CSC, Newport
Event 29 April 2012

Newport cycle speedway’s Division 1 team recorded a fine 90 points to 86 points win at near neighbours East Newport in the South and South Wales league.

Newport took the lead in the second race with the suprise package of Davies and Lewis doing well. This lead was improved in heat 3 with a maximum heat result through the pairing between Evans Carmichael.

East Newport fought hard to stay in contention with Neil Power impressing but Newport were never behind. They ran out deserved winners overcoming the handicap of having Welsh international Jack Harrold pull out through an injury.

This result has put Newport joint top of the league at this early stage of the season.


East Newport 86: k jones 11 + 1 N Power 19 R Hughes 13 + 1 A Hughes 13 + 2 A Bennett 6 D Bock 13 + 1 J Davis 6 + 1 M Davis 6

Newport 90: J Harrold 3 O Sidwick 16 + 1 C Davies 17 J Lewis 10 + 1 N Evans 12

S&SW Regional League
Location: Newport CSC
Event: 29 April 2012

The weather may have been cold, wet and very windy at Marsh Barton but the racing was hotly contested as were some of the decisions.

Exeter have assembled an ultra experienced line-up this season and with Dave Hooper once again catching the eye with maximum points, their title aspirations look to have some credibility. This was a match which Poole might have expected to win if they had one more top end rider but they made a real match of it, despite the conditions.


Exeter 89: Dave Hooper 20 Craig Nethercott 17+1 Thomas Reed 12+4 Dave Murphy 12 Aaron Herbert 10+1 Rob Geach 8+1 Rich Bessant 7+1 Andy Stone 3

Poole 79: Luke Armes 14 Sam Hearne 14 Arron Morgan 14 Ben Donohue 11 Aaron Smith 9 Leyton Glover 8+2 Wil Bristowe 8+1 Jay Briggs 1

Northern League
Location: Stockport CSC, Stockport
29 April 2012

The Northern League match between Stockport and Sheffield survived the heavy rain around the country as the home team raced to a 116-63 win. With Aiden Owen shepherding Louis German for a drawn heat one the Rockets would prevent a repeat of the whitewash suffered in 2011. Strong team riding from the Stockport pairings saw the next two races taken 7-3 by Higham/Radcliffe and then Read/Jack Lush. Owen then made a great pass on Matt Lush in heat 4, a move which saw him bring though Karol Mychaloczyk for another drawn heat. Sheffield managed two further drawn heats before the interval, which was reached with Stockport leading by 55-35. The second half was all Stockport’s as they smashed in eight 7-3s, with only heat 16 ending as another drawn race (with Owen again doing a sterling job to protect his teammate). For the home team only Joe Pickford, Derek Garnett and Matt Lush failed to record unbeaten scores. Sheffield’s main contribution coming from the ever reliable Owen and the improving Mychaloczyk.


Stockport 2006 116: Jack Lush 20, Terry Norman 19+1, Dylan Radcliffe 19+1, Ben Higham 16+4, Matt Lush 15+1, Jake Read 15+5, Joe Pickford 11, Derek Garnett 1.

Sheffield/Cra Rockets 63 : Liam Webster 11, Karol Mychaloczyk 10+1, Aiden Owen 10+3, Kyle Holland 7+1, Rob Mawhood 7+1, Sandra Tamborska 7, Louis German 6, James Unwin 5.

Combination match

The Combination match saw Stockport giving away 39 penalty points as they were only able to field three eligible riders. The handicap proved too much and the league points went to Sheffield by 101-83. This leaves the defending Champions having lost all three of their 2012 fixtures. Stockport provided the race winner in 14 of the 15 races with Jake Read and Jack and Matt Lush all unbeaten. The one Sheffield race win came courtesy of Kyle Holland in heat 9. The match points were secured for the visitors when Niall Morton and Linden German managed to relegate four time former British Champion Derek Garnett to last place in heat 13.


Stockport 2006 83: Jack Lush 19+1, Jake Read 18+2, Matt Lush 17+3, Joe Pickford 16+1, Derek Garnett 13.

Sheffield/Cra Rockets 62 + 39: Niall Morton 13+1, Kyle Holland 10, Karol Mychaloczyk 10, Ed Morton 8+2, James Unwin 8+1, Linden German 7+2, Jack Brownell 6+1.

Northern League
Location: Bury CSC, Bury
Event: 29 April 2012

Bury started with a 7-3 in the opening heat, quickly followed with a 6-4 in Heat 2 after a magnificent chase and pass from Captain Neil Howarth on Mikey Hewitson.

Edinburgh stemmed the tide in Heat 3 with a tapes to line win for Newsome.

Bury were back on the gas in the next with Scranage racing away for a fine win for another 6-4 with the superb efforts of Neil McPherson holding at bay a hard charging Parish.

Some terrific riding from Paul Dyson rescued a shared result for Bury in the next heat with Callum Slight taking the win.

Two more shared heats followed with the highlight being a superb start from Hewitson as he gated over Whitaker to race for a fine win. Heat 8 saw a regulation 6-4 for Bury and in Heat 9, Whitaker again met Hewitson but this time Hewitson had the inside gate. After a fine start in their previous race Mikey would have been expected to race away but Whitaker pulled out a storming start to gate over and also let Scranage round for a 7-3, Mikey charged hard and challenged Whitaker on the pit bend which resulted in him falling and receiving medical attention but thankfully he was ok. Halfway stage and Bury were focussed and 15 ponts in front. Edinburgh challenging hard for every point.

Second half resumed with Edinburgh claiming inside gates. Bury started the second half like the first, a 7-3 win with Paul Dyson & Joe Allen combining well. Heat 11 saw Edinburgh record their only heat win after Luke Jamson fell whilst charging hard, Newsome taking the win over Howarth. Hewitson took the tapes to flag route in Heat 12 over Parish for a shared heat and in an entertaining Heat 13 which saw 4 passes, Allen and Whitaker took a 6-4 over McPherson and Kelly.

Paul Dyson and Howarth then recorded another 7-3 before exclusions a plenty in 16. Chris Dyson and Whitaker for Bury and McPherson and Lee for Edinburgh. Whitaker got a super gate from 4 and was away for the win with Dyson and McPherson battling hard behind for second place, Dyson attempted a pass on the pit bend which resulted in both Dyson and McPherson being excluded, Dyson for a ram, and McPherson for bringing the opponent down. Whitaker raced away for a 4-3 in the re-run.

Heat 17 saw Parish reverse his defeat to Hewitson with Mikey riding well to bring his partner home for a shared heat. Bury rider Luke Jamson showing he is gaining in confidence and fitness by pressing hard in his best match so far. The result long known to all, but Heat 18 saw riders racing for pride and none more so than flying Scot Craig Newsome.

First attempt was re-run after a collision with Howarth on lap 2, and in the re-run an flurry of passes between Allen and Newsome ended with the Scot falling onto the Bury riders rear wheel and he was excluded for dragging the Bury rider down. After taking to the re-run on borrowed equipment Allen followed captain Howarth home for a 7-2 to seal another win for Bury and also went through thr 100 point barrier for the first time in a few seasons.

Edinburgh charged well with Hewitson, Newsome and McPherson but sadly lacked support with a few recognised riders missing. Taking nothing away from the rest of the team who all rode with maximum effort. Captain Howarth was star man for Bury dropping just the one point, Scrange scoring a maximum from 3 rides at reserve, the real strength was that Bury scored well down the card with all riders either winning a race or following their partner for a maximum score.

The Combination match was much closer which came to a last heat decider, with the scores all square. The Bury duo raced away for a 7-3 to maintain the 100% record at the top of the Combination Division.


Bury 76

Edinburgh 72

Northern Combination
Location: Astley & Tyldesley CSC, Manchester
Event 29 April 2012

Astley & Tyldesley took on Edinburgh in a Northern Combination League match at Gin Pit on Sunday. The match was ridden in extremely unpleasant cold conditions, with continual driving rain and strong winds, making life difficult for the riders, even though the track surface once again held up well.

Edinburgh controlled the match throughout to run out emphatic 97-50 winners. Christopher Lee was the only unbeaten visiting rider, with solid scores from the rest of the side. The soaking wet visitors then faced the prospect of another race meeting at Bury straight afterwards. Reece Pollitt was A & T's only race winner, when winning heat 12. Stefan Whitelegg pulled out after two rides, feeling unwell. With two riders already missing from the planned line-up, this meant that A & T had to go with a rider short in three races.


Astley & Tyldesley 50: Reece Pollitt 14, Roy Heslop 10 (1), Ron Makin 9, Beccy Heslop 9, Max Evans 6, Stefan Whitelegg 2.

Edinburgh 97: Chris Lee 18 (2), Callum Slight 18 (1), Paul Kelly 17 (2), Mark Lee 17 (1), John Murphy 15 (3), Dougie Morgan 12 (1).