Hallamshire Go Ride League continues at Cookson Park

Hallamshire Go Ride League continues at Cookson Park

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Location: Cookson Park raceway
Event: 18 March 2012
Report: Robert Mawhood

Round 2 of the Hallamshire Go Ride League was staged at the Cookson Park raceway putting a severe test on the newly laid Edinburgh shale surface, over 65 races were held on the day.

The surface has been behaving itself in training sessions, with Radek Handke setting some impressive times, but now came the test of four riders racing together. The Open event provided some spectacular racing with plenty of passing and saw Radek Handke lower the track record to a new time of 39.16 seconds as he held out Pawel Idziorek in heat 3 of the qualifying races.

Idziroek has joined Sheffield on second claim for Elite League racing and was involved in some of the best races of the day, even when losing out to Handke and Aiden Owen. The drama was even maintained when it came to the Grand Prix Finals. Handke had to use all of his experience to withhold an audacious move made by Idziorek on turns 1& 2 and 3&4 of the last lap of the A Final.

The B Final saw Jamie Langton shed a chain with the race at his mercy handing over a win to the grateful Rob Mawhood. And the C Final saw Richard Hudson lose out when the incorrect flag was shown with one lap remaining, Kyle Holland pouncing as Hudson hesitated.

Radek Handke 16, Aiden Owen 15, Pawel Idziorek 14, Jamie Langton 13, Rob Mawhood 13, Liam Webster 13, Louis German 11, Luke Morton 10, Richard Hudson 9, Mick Knowles 9, Kyle Holland 7, John Turney 7, Linden German 6, Karol Mikolajczyk 6, Niall Morton 6.

A FINAL – 1st Radek Handke, 2nd Pawel Idziorek , 3rd Aiden Owen, 4th Liam Webster

B FINAL – 1st Rob Mawhood, 2nd Louis German, 3rd Luke Morton, 4th Jamie Langton

C FINAL – 1st Kyle Holland, 2nd Richard Hudson, 3rd Mick Knowles, 4th John Turney, 5th Karol Mikolajczyk

UNDER 14 Final
1st Niall Morton, 2nd Linden German, 3rd Caine Moore.

Top placing in the girls event was down to how the match ups between Vicky Brown and Sandra Tamborksa would go. Much to her delight Vicky won all three head to heads, two in the qualifiers and the Grand Prix A Final with some scintillating starts from inside grids.

Vicky Brown 16, Sandra Tamborska 14, Amber Webster 12, Billie Owen 10, Ellie Sullivan 10, Katy Unwin 8, Alice Unwin 6, Lisa Unwin 4.

A FINAL – 1st Vicky Brown, 2nd Sandra Tamborska , 3rd Amber Webster

B FINAL – 1st Katy Unwin, 2nd Alice Unwin, 3rd Lisa Unwin

The Under 12 qualifying races saw Ed Morton and Ellie Sullivan win the eight races between them to set up an interesting A Final. Having won round 1 this gave Ellie the crucial grid one in the A Final. She sped away as the tapes rose and though Ed made a spirited attempt to pass on lap three Ellie found an extra gear to pull away for a comfortable win. Billie Owen took a close B Final with all four riders within one bikes length of each other as they crossed the finish line.

Ed Morton 16, Ellie Sullivan 16, Caine Moore 11, Billie Owen 10, Jack Kettlewell 9, Niamh Morton 8, Charlotte Adams 6.

UNDER 12 A FINAL – 1st Ellie Sullivan, 2nd Ed Morton

B FINAL – 1st Billie Owen, 2nd Jack Kettlewell, 3rd Niamh Morton, 4th Charlotte Adams

With numbers down from the opening round at the EIS the Under 8’s and Under 10’s raced together in the qualifiers. Sam Turney and Ed Willis had two great races in the qualifiers with Sam showing a lot of maturity to win their three meetings. Ed though had looked the faster rider and set the best three lap time of 37.74 when passing Alice Turney in heat 5, going around the outside on turn 2 of lap 3.

Sam Turney 16, Ed Willis 14, Sam Bowles 13, Alice Turney 11, Ted Bowles 8, James Hawkins 8, Jack Brownell 6, Joe Brownell 4.

UNDER 10 A FINAL – 1ST Sam Turney, 2nd Ed Willis, 3rd Sam Bowles, 4th Alice Turney, 5th James Hawkins.

B FINAL – 1st Ted Bowles, 2nd Jack Brownell, 3rd Joe Brownell.