Kesgrave edge champions Ipswich in season climax

Kesgrave edge champions Ipswich in season climax

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Location: Kesgrave Cycle Speedway, Ipswich, Suffolk
Event: 23 October 2011

Ipswich made the short journey to Kesgrave to finish their South-East Division 2 season, looking to defend their unbeaten record.

With the league title already in the bag and Kesgrave having already secured second spot, this was the clash of the top two – both sets of riders didn’t disappoint with 16 action packed heats, with every point being contested to the end.

First blood went to the host’s team when Daniel Knights was unlucky to slip coming out of bend four, so was unable to finish. This allowed Kesgrave to take the heat 6-3. Heats two and three were shared, while heat 4 saw Kesgrave pairing Brown and Zangi win 7-3, moving them seven points clear. Heats 5 and 6 were again shared, while heat seven saw Kesgrave secure a 6-4 win, allowing them to move nine points clear. Ipswich responded in heat eight through Ashley Hill and Richard Fellgett, winning 7-3 to the Ipswich club, who went into the break just five points down.

Some tough talking at half time saw the champions come out fighting, but was to suffer an unlikely setback in the very first heat after the break. With the Ipswich pairing sitting comfortably at 6-4, Pete Ingram managed to pass young Matt Hill. Jordan Stant was then in control at the front, holding off the attentions of Zangi, but slipped on the final bend which allowed Zangi and Ingram to record an unlikely 7-3, moving Kesgrave back into a nine point lead.

However, the young side are not champions for nothing – they responded by taking the next three heats 7-3, 6-4 and 6-4 to close the lead to just one point. Heats 13 and 14 were shared, while heat fifteen saw Kesgrave’s pairing show all their experience to secure a valuable 6-4, moving the home side three points ahead with one heat to go. Even though Ipswich’s pairing of Hill and Fellgett managed to win 6-4, it wasn’t enough to clinch a dramatic win. Kesgrave’s Gary Brown held off the attention of Fellgett to give Kesgrave a well deserved win. This lowered the Ipswich flag for the first time since June 2009, when they were the last team to beat Ipswich. However, Ipswich can be proud of themselves for another fantastic season and another league title.


Kesgrave 80: Gary Brown 22, Danny Zagni 19, Peter Ingram 11, Paul Brinkhoff 8, Patrick Kruger 6, Lewis Davies 5, Graham Wright 5, Phil Repman 3.

Ipswich 79: Ashley Hill 20, Richard Fellgett 16, Jordan Stant 12, Daniel Knights 11, Matthew Hill 10, Lauren Jacobs 5, Barry Copping 5.

South East Youth League

The South East Youth Champions finish their season with another comfortable win at Kesgrave, and in doing so continue their impressive run to seventeen straight victories – a run that goes back to April 2009.

This solid, all round performance was lead by stand-in captain Fellgett, who was well supported by team mates Knights and Hill. Their lower order riders were also chipping in, with excellent displays from Fraser Harris. He continues to improve with every meeting, and is a true team player who always rides to instruction.  Not forgetting the Harvey Brothers, Ben and Ales, who can be pleased with their efforts today. The future is looking well for the Ipswich club at this level, with the likes of Chaplin, Warner and Gilvert-Rolfe but to name a few, all knocking on the door, itching to get a piece of the action.


Kesgrave 72: Harry Swallow 20, Patrick Kruger 14, Lewis Davies 11, Matt Gifkins 10, Leon Armes 9, Matthew Oakley 8.

Ipswich 87: Richard Fellgett 23, Matthew Hill 18, Daniel Knights 17, Ben Harvey 10, Fraser Harris 10, Alex Harvey 9.