Coventry Cycle Speedway sign landmark sponsorship deal

Coventry Cycle Speedway sign landmark sponsorship deal

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Revived Coventry Devlins Newsagents Cycle Speedway club has announced another signed sponsorship deal with Speedy Hire.

For the first time ever in the history of the sport in the city, the club, in partnership with Bretford Bulldogs CSC, are to stage a floodlit meeting. Eight riders from each of the two Coventry area clubs, Coventry and Bretford, will battle for honours in the 2011 Coventry Junior Individual Finals.

And, in another historic twist, it will be the first time since 1985 that the Coventry finals will have been contested by riders representing more than one club. The two clubs, just five miles apart, have agreed to make the championships an annual event, with both clubs taking turns to stage the event.

With no floodlights at Hearsall Common, Coventry held talks with the UK's biggest hire company in its sector, Speedy Hire, resulting in the firm immediately pledging to support the event by sponsoring the floodlighting provision by way of four generators and 12 floodlight towers. This represents a sponsorship well into four figures - for a single match.

Coventry chairman Dave Foster said: "This sponsorship will evoke memories of previous floodlit spectaculars around the country, such as at Southampton and Edmonton in London. It will be an amazing way in which to put the seal on a season where Coventry Cycle Speedway returned to action in a way many of us thought impossible just four months ago."

The genial Foster added: "We send our thanks to Bernie and Graham Kemp, and the Bretford club, for immediately supporting our plans. It can only do the sport immense good in the locality to have the two clubs working in partnership in this way."

Daryl Freeman of Speedy Hire said: "We get many requests for sponsorships such as this that we have to sadly decline but I was impressed by the Coventry’s clubs passion, vision and imagination in staging the first ever floodlit Cycle Speedway match in the city. They are a fine example of a community sports club and I wish them every success."

In another major boost to the event, Coventry are hoping to stage a cycle speedway match race between two local speedway stars, one of world class international fame during this event. With speedway hugely popular in Coventry, being by far the second biggest sport in Coventry, the attraction is sure to swell the crowd.