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Reports and results week ending 2 October 2011

Location: Harbourside Park, Poole
Event: 2 October 2011

With the home side missing several first team regulars and East Newport bolstering their side with the experienced Danny Harper, this was a close and entertaining match at sun-drenched Harbouside Park.

Following an opening heat 6-4 and pacey 7-3 in heat 2 from Tom Colling and Luke Armes, the Welsh side were immediately on the back foot until Ben Mould steadied the ship with a win but only after partner Danny Harper had got his marching orders from crossing the inside line while trying to pass Arron Morgan. Making his home Premier League debut, Arron Smith gave the healthy sized crowd plenty to cheer in heat 4 with a win, expertly overseen by his team partner Thomas Reed. The visitors hit back with a 6-4 courtesy of Craig Nethercott and Chris Davis in heat 5 moving the score on to 29-20.

There was a crowd-pleasing ride from British U16 champion Arron Morgan in a lively heat 6 which saw Pete Young move clear of the field from gate one while his young partner was mixing it with the Bock/Power pairing. Having held third place for a couple of laps, Morgan found himself shut out at the back on lap three only to pick up speed and pass both opponents in one clean swoop.

The eagerly awaited match-up between Thomas Reed and Ben Mould in heat 7 was something of an anti-climax with Reed sprinting from gate two after Harper lined up from the inside leaving Mould with no chance to repeat his British final exploit. Tom Colling was left alone from gate four in heat 8 after Luke Armes moved at the tapes but he was up to the challenge and rode a brilliant first bend to take the win and limit the damage. The interval scoreline narrowed to 10 points after the spirited Welsh side bounced back with 6-4 thanks to a good third place from Matt Davis.

Further evidence of a close finish seemed to be on the cards when Ben Mould and Danny Harper teamed up expertly in heat 11 to shut out Tom Colling and at 57-51 there were anxious faces around the terraces. Smiles soon returned thanks to successive 7-3's from Reed/Glover and Young/Morgan followed by a couple of shared heats. Thomas Reed duly completed his maximum in heat 17 before a surprise final race result saw Tom Colling and Arron Morgan lower the colours of the highly talented Ben Mould for only the second time in the match. The glorious weather and two competitively matched sides made this an excellent afternoon's racing enjoyed by riders and spectators alike.


Poole 96: Thomas Reed 18+2, Tom Colling 17, Arron Morgan 16+3, Pete Young 13+1, Leyton Glover 13, Arron Smith 8, Luke Armes 7+2, Will Bristow 4+1.

East Newport 81: Ben Mould 15+1, Danny Harper 13+1, Craig Nethercott 13, Dan Bock 12+1, Aaron Herbert 9+1, Neil Power 9+1, Chris Davis 6, Matt Davis 4.

Referee: Robin Spicer

Premier Combination

Dave Murphy took the opportunity for a Division 2 run-out ahead of next weeks SWL visit to Harbourside by title favourites Newport and his heat 13 win ensured a 65-65 draw as the home side otherwise fielded their youngest ever side in this Divisionwith Jay Briggs and Callum Albin catching the eye.

Swindon based Ethan Greenslade continues to impress, winning 4 of his 5 races in fine style. The visitors conceded 4 penalty points for tracking Matt Davis from the Division 1 line-up and were further hampered whn John Marks was forced to retire after just two races.


Poole 65: Dave Murphy 14, Jay Briggs 11+1, Callum Albin 10, Alex Lane 9, Callum Smith 6+1, Sam Lane 5+1, Niall Instone 5+1, Hayden Rowles 2+1.

East Newport 65: Ethan Greenslade 19, Matt Davis 14, Colin Wildy 12+5, John Cutler 9, John Marks 7, Jamie Lea Walters 5.

Referee: Pete Young

Girls Challenge Match

Top Poole girl rider Kristina Mines steered her team to a narrow victory against a Welsh girls select side with a 16 point maximum score which include three wins over Welsh Ladies champion Rebecca Davies.


Poole 41: Kristina Mines 16 Holly Morgan 11+1 Ceris Glover 10 Chloe Albin 4

Wales Select 39: Rebecca Davies 13 Jamie Lea Walters 10+1 Hayden Rowles 9+2 Natalie Ward 7+2.

Referee: Kevin Lowman

Leicester v Wednesfield
Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leicester
Event: 2 October 2011
Report: Tim Jarvis

Despite both teams missing riders the crowd of around 150 were treated to some interesting, well refereed racing, the final outcome was never really in doubt but both teams contributed to some good racing.

The Aces started off with a 6-4 from Griffiths and Aris over Nowacki and debutant Liam Davies but Leicester had taken the lead by the fourth and took control of the match. The referee could not split Beharrell and the hard charging Stephenson in the ninth heat awarding joint second behind winner Craig Marchant. The tenth saw Hemsley gate over Norman for the win and partner Burns pass Perry for a 6-4 and the Monarchs were ten points to the good. The next heat saw Beharrell excluded for pushing Nowacki onto the centre green and a Burns pass on Norman gave the home side a 7-2 and a fifteen point lead.

The Aces had the consolation of a 7-2 of their own in the final heat after Hemsley used just too much force trying to pass Mark Griffiths and give the final score line a more respectable look.


Leicester 93.5: Lukas Nowacki 18, Craig Marchant 16, Marcus Wadhams 15+1, Kev Burns 13+1, Adam Stephenson 12.5+3, Jason Ashford 9+2, David Hemsley 9.

Wednesfield 83.5: Mark Griffiths 17, Lee Aris 16+1, Chris Jewkes 16+1, Matt Beharrell 12.5, Terry Norman 10, Ben Higham 6, Nick Perry 4, Sam Parr 2.

Premier Combination

Leicester took a comfortable win in the combination fixture and with it the league title. Nick Perry was unbeaten for the Aces, his biggest challenge coming from reserve Lauren Davies who just lost out in the strength stakes when driving up the inside.


Leicester 74: Mick Skinner 14, Matt Hartshorn 12+2, Ash Doughty 12, Norm Venson 9+1, Colin Pole 8+2, Billy Rewcastle 7+1, Dave Frith 6+1, Lauren Davies 6.

Wednesfield 55-8 = 47: Nick Perry 16, Sam Parr 12, Jordan Holdcroft 10, Mick Aris 9, Aaron O Brian 4, Harry Everiss 3.

Ipswich v Sheffield
Location: Ipswich Cycle Speedway, Ipswich, Suffolk
Event: 2 October 2011
Report: Sharon Stant

Ipswich entertained Sheffield in this premier league fixture with high hopes of claiming only their second league win of the season and for most parts in the early stages of this match all was going well for the Suffolk team.

Chambers and Chittock got the home team off to a perfect start with a 7-3 win, heat 2 saw Sheffield hit back 6-4 through Cossey/Grange partnership heats 3 and 4 were shared.  Heat 5 saw Roberts and Chittock secure a 7-3 win with 16 year old Roberts produced a lightning gate to take the heat. Young Roberts is really catching the eye and was to put in another solid performance and went on to score 12+1, once again Sheffield responded with another 6-4 to close the gap to two points, before in heat 8 Mower was cruelly given his marching orders when he was unlucky to have been adjudged to have rammed Groves by referee Moody this allowing Sheffield to take a 7-2 heat and move in front for the first time in the match.  Heat 9 was shared half time score 44-45.

Two shared heats open the second half ,then in heat twelve Chambers and Chittock got in a muddle allowing the Sheffield pairing to take the heat 7-3 and a five point cushion then came heat 13 which proved to be the crucial heat with three exclusion with either Ipswich rider failing to score 4-0 Sheffield and a nine point lead ,heat fourteen saw an exclusion for Owen but his team mate Hoyland managed to see off the challenge of the Ipswich riders 5-4 to Ipswich, heat 16 proved to be the match winning heat with Groves and Grange securing a 6-4 and moved the Yorkshire outfit ten points clear 71 -81.

Ipswich did rally for the last two heats winning 7-3 then a 6-4 in the last final score 84 - 88 to Sheffield with Lee Grange scoring 20 points, with solid back up by Winwood (15) and Angell (17) points ,for Ipswich once again young Roberts with (12) and Chambers and Brooke (13) points.


Ipswich 84: Dan Chambers 13, Jamie Chittock 11, Josh Brooke 13, Leon Mower 11, Richard Williamson 8, Dan Pike 10, Jordan Stant 6, Lewis Roberts 12 .

Sheffield 88: Nathan Groves 10, Mark Winwood 15, Leigh Cossey 11, Lee Grange 20 ,
Ryan Hoyland 9, Andy Angell 17, Lewis German 1, Aiden Owen 5 .

Referee - Andy Moody (Hull)

Premier Combination

With Sheffield already giving away 18 points it was always going to be an uphill struggle against this strong Ipswich side with only one home defeat this season against them and looking for revenge for their defeat at the hands of their opponents having themselves giving away 20 points only to lose by a point in the final heat.

Ipswich set about their task and were soon in a commanding position and by heat seven were sixteen points up and ran out winners 76 - 52 plus penalty points making the final score 94 - 52, solid display all round by the Suffolk squad in which Laura Dale made her first appearance.


Ipswich 76+18 (94): Fellgett 12, A.Hill 12, Rumbold 14, Copping 8, Clark 9, Jacobs 9, M.Hill 5, Dale 7.
Sheffield 52: German 6, A.Watson 7, L.Watson 7, Hoyland 13, Owen 12, Brown 7.

Sandwell v Horspath
Location: Sandwell Cycle Speedway, Sandwell, West Midlands
Event: 2 October 2011

This was a match which had everything, great racing, excitement, team riding, on the line finishes, and a couple of red cards thrown in as well.

From the word go, Horspath took the lead, and really were never in trouble of this patch work Sandwell side, taking the lead. Unfortunately some riders on both sides were going into some moves a little too hard, and things start to become a bit of grudge match, and this is what happened then Jack Harrold and Lewis Osborne met in heat 16. It looked a normal first bend incident when those came down, both jumped up and words were said, suddenly Lewis threw a punch, and both exchanged blows, which ended up with riders from both teams having to pull them apart, the referee had no other course left open to him, and both riders were shown the red card.

After this the match settled down, and Horspath ran out winners by 98 points to 74. Scott Millward, captain for this match, once shown the quantities that will not only made him a top class rider in years to come, but also a first class leader as well, he top scored again for the Lions with 15 points.

While for Horspath, Paul Heard and Matt Szymczak shown why Horspath are a top club, Chris Timms had a poor day on a track he knows so well, and only pick up six points


Sandwell 74: Scott Millwall 15, Erol Thaw 11+1, Jamie Ball 10+2, Steve Brookes 10+1, Jack Harrod 9+1, Ricky Johnson 9, Simon Munden 9, Luke Brookes 1.

Horspath 98: Paul Heard 17+2, Matt Szymczak 17, Lewis Osborne 16, Mark Carmichael 14+2, Chris Osborne 10+2, Sean Rudman 10+1, Mark Boaler 8, Chris Timms 6.

Referee: Mike Knowles

Premier Combination

After all the excitement of the first team match, this was a very quiet affair. But the was still some very good racing from these two sides

For Sandwell Steve Brookes, who had ridden in the first match joint top scored with Jack Rowley and Ryan Simkins, who has returned to the sport, after a couple of years away. Jack Rowley looks a better rider with every match, and if he keeps up his present rate must surely be one to look out for in the years to come. For Horspath, Zak Payne and Wayne Clarke must surely be ones to look out for in the future


Sandwell II: Steve Brookes 9, Jack Rowley 9+1, Ryan Simkins 9, Dan Forbes 8+1, Luke Brookes 7+2, Josh Hill 7, Ryan Guest 4.

Horspath II: Zak Payne 17+2, Wayne Clarke 16, Mark Coulter 15+2, Lee Clarke 13+2, Jordan Richardson 11+1, Pete Payne 5

Referee: Roger Dainty

Astley & Tyldesley GP Series 7
Location: Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Club, Manchester
Event: 2 October 2011
Report: Mick Hack

Astley & Tyldesley hosted Round 7 of the A & T Go-Ride Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Sunday. Handicapping of riders was adopted to cater for the range of age and ability in the line-up. Four years old John White, riding in his first ever match, took full advantage of a favourable handicap, to win all his four races and win the round.

Three riders - Tom Whitwam, Adam Turnbull, Max Evans - all finished with 14 points and tied for second place. Whitwam started at the front and held on to win the run-off for second place, ahead of Turnbull and Evans.


John White 16, Tom Whitwam 14, Adam Turnbull 14, Max Evans 14, Matthew Snell 12, Stefan Whitelegg 11, Daniel Burns 10, Reece Pollitt 9.

Referee - Mike Hack.

Leading positions after seven rounds: Adam Turnbull 121, Adam Phillips 113, Max Evans 109, Thomas Whitwam 96, Reece Pollitt 77, Stefan Whitelegg 74.

The final round takes place on Sunday 16 October.