Report: Eastpark v Leicester

Report: Eastpark v Leicester

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Report: Eastpark v Leicester

18th July 2009, Eastpark

Report and Images: Andy Whitehouse -

Cycle Speedway photo report from a wet and slippery Eastpark, where the home side took on the mightly Leicester. Not only did the teams have to cope with each other, the weather was a persistent foe for the entire meeting.

Above: Although the track shows signs of recent rain, the meeting started dry

... however the dry conditions weren't going to last

... and when the rain starts falling so do the riders

...the Eastpark rider is carried off by his teammates and competitors - hopefully not too badly hurt

Above: This young rider's face says it all - a look of grim determination

Above: A young Leicester rider concentrates on staying upright and keeping the Eastpark shale out of his teeth

Above: A case for windscreen wipers on the goggles, perhaps?

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