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Meet Bryan from London who cruises serenely to the office every day on his Pashley Roadster.

Name: Bryan Petersen 

Workplace:  Wells Fargo, Fenchurch St, The City

Tell us about your commuting rig:  I ride “The Buck” a Buckingham Black Pashley Roadster (pictured right)

What’s your commute like? My commute is about six miles (one way). It’s mostly all downhill in the morning as I begin in Hampstead and can pretty much roll down to Camden w/o much effort. From there I wind past Russell Square, left down Holborn passing Chancery Lane and then St. Pauls. I really enjoy cutting through Bank junction onwards to Monument and then finish at Plantation Place.

Going home it’s the same route, only in reverse and since it’s now mostly all uphill I’ll break a sweat. It’s a nice way to wrap up a day at the office.

How many days a week do you commute by bike?  Almost every day, unless it’s really raining hard. Since I wear my normal clothes, suite and tie I don’t keep a change at the office.

What do you enjoy the most about bike commuting?  It’s never just one thing. I enjoy the fresh air, exercise, alone time; the streets, sight and smells of London. It’s everything that comes with riding a bike. It’s an absolutely brilliant way to get around and stay clear.

What’s your least favourite thing about commuting by bike?  Not always knowing the best places to lock up my ride when going to a new and unfamiliar destination. 

What are your main reasons to commute by bike? First and foremost for my physical and mental health. True I may save money by not riding the tube but I’ve spent it elsewhere by buying more and more toys for my bike.

Have you got any funny or interesting bike commuting stories or experiences to share?

What’s your killer commuting tip? Lay everything out the night before. Take it easy on the ride and enjoy the ride.

Are you a British Cycling Member? If so how does your British Cycling membership support your bike commuting?  Yes.  I regularly read the Commuter section and I carry my membership card with me. I like being part of the “club” and “cause” for and towards cycling in all forms.

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