Transport for London agree to redesign Bow roundabout accident blackspot


Responding to pressure from the London Cycling Campaign and others, Transport for London today announced it will redesign the roundabout at Bow to make it safer for cyclists, following the deaths of two cyclists in 2011.

The move comes just weeks after LCC persuaded 2750 London cyclists to write to Mayor Boris Johnson asking him to ‘make Bow safe’; organised a candlelit vigil attended by families of two cyclists recently killed at Bow; and published its own safe roundabout design on the LCC website.

TfL has published two proposals as to how the junction could be made safer, and has promised to take into account LCC feedback before implementing any changes.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “We’re delighted Transport for London has finally responded to cyclists’ calls for Bow roundabout to be redesigned, though it’s a tragedy two people had to die first.

“At first sight, these designs potentially offer improved cyclist safety, which is vital ahead of the Olympics when it’s hoped large numbers will visit the Games by bike.

“We welcome the fact that the two Bow proposals show a more innovative approach to cycling infrastructure than we’re used to seeing from Transport for London, including a willingness to use measures common on the Continent such as separate cyclist traffic lights.

“However, we’re still calling for a comprehensive redesign of the entire junction to bring it into line with the highest standards of street layout seen on the Continent, for the benefit of everyone.

“We’ll scrutinise these proposals in detail to make sure the safety benefits are real.”

The issue of pedestrian safety remains a major concern, and LCC will continue to liaise with pedestrian groups to ensure everyone can cross the junction in safety.

LCC will also be asking all its members, especially those in the local area, to give their views.