Your commuter profiles

Your commuter profiles


Take a look at our commuter profiles - glowing testimonials on the joys of bike commuting, full of inspiration, anecdotes, tips and advice from real bike commuters. You can even

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Charlie Keene - You might think Charlie is bonkers for commuting 30 miles a day when his office is only three quarters of a mile from home. But the Baptist minister and funeral director from Hampshire enjoys cycling so much he's prepared to go the extra 28 and a half miles for the sake of his health, happiness and well-being.

Fiona Verney - British Cycling member Fiona from Devon works for the Met Office and commutes by bike whatever the weather.

Rob Masters - British Cycling member Rob Masters works for a cycling equipment importer and practices what he preaches, commuting 16 miles a day through rural Staffordshire.

Deborah Longman - Meet British Cycling member and NHS employee Deborah, who is wise to the many health benefits of cycling to work and who can't wait to get a folding bike to further enhance her commuting possibilities.

Andy Field - A lover of lurid lycra, British Cycling member Andy suffers the odd giggle from his co-workers arriving at work but never suffers the post-work stress that his colleagues feel after a long day at the office.

Rachel Biddles - Rachel from Leicester began riding to work to save time and get fit. Three years later and she's training for a 100 kilometre sponsored night-ride.

TomZ - British Cycling member Tom tells us about his 16 mile fixed gear commute into west London.

Claire Jackson-Songer - Claire loves cycling to work and porridge nearly as much as she dislikes getting up early and doing battle with wasps.

David Green - David is a relatively recent commuting convert and rides to work one day a week. However, with a 70 mile round-trip on hilly roads, David's commute is no mean feat.

Les Hereward - Getting around by bike keeps you fit, sane and free from fossil-fuel guilt according to Les from London.

Peter Clinch - Peter from Dundee commutes by bike because "There aren’t any particularly good reasons to commute any other way…"

Andy King - British Cycling member Andy works in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire - a place completely surrounded by hills - making his daily round a pretty challenging one. He's also got a funny story about a horse.

Charles McKinnon - Charles' bike commuting began as a simple way of saving money but he quickly discovered the many joys that bike commuting offers.

George Frewer - British Cycling member George's innocent commutes to work on a cheap hybrid bike have turned into a full blown obsession, with three bikes and counting in his stable including this handsome singlespeed.

Sue Williams - Like your morning coffee, a dose of liver salts or singing in the shower, commuter Sue insists that her ride to work sets her up for the day.   

Liam Barnard - Reluctant commuter Liam cycles 11 miles into work in Buckinghamshire and can't over-stress the importance of preparing his work clothes the night before.

Simon Kerry - British Cycling member Simon from Rochdale commutes 25 miles a day on his touring bike and enjoys the 'self satisfied inner glow' that is seemingly unique to cycling commuters.

Ricky Faust - British Cycling member Ricky commutes into Central London on his trusty mountain bike. What's your commuting weapon of choice?

Paul Burfoot - Paul began to commute by bike just for a challenge. Then he realised he was saving a small fortune. 

Keith Taylor - Read how regular bike commuting has changed type two diabetic Keith's life.

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