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British Cycling stands up for cyclists on issues which affect them.

Whether it’s our drive to cycle-proof Britain’s roads, get better justice for cyclists, increase cycling awareness or improve HGV safety, we respond to concerns by our members, and use our members’ support to influence change.

We lobby government departments and politicians for changes which will benefit cyclists and work with cycling and other organisations in relevant fields to combine our expertise and knowledge to best effect.

We mobilise our members to campaign on our behalf, because we recognise that many voices are stronger than one.

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Latest campaigning news

The Highways Agency's Matt Sweeting talks cycle-proofing

The Highways Agency is responsible for the strategic road network and has been tasked by the government to ‘cycle-proof’ Britains roads. Matt Sweeting is Regional Divisional Director for the North West and is also the national strategic lead for cycling.

Matt is responsible for overseeing cycling projects including junction improvements, updating design standards and rolling out training to engineers so they know how to build roads fit for cycling.