Your Top 20 Commuting Tips

Your Top 20 Commuting Tips


Over the past few years our have dreamt up with an impressive selection of top tips to help make getting to work by bike a breeze.

We’ve decided to gather together the best 20 tips for your convenience, including expert advice on equipment, riding and attitude, plus, our favourite, killer advice on pants from Simon from London!

  • Be Happy: “99% of road users are nice people so; Be Happy! Without sounding too much like a hippy, I tried aggressive cycling for years but have now found that a smile, wave and friendly thank you will get you further.” Howard from Nottinghamshire
  • Be Prepared:  “Never forget your pants for when you get to work.” Simon from London
  • Be Seen: “LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS, ride as if no one can see you.” Lee from Cumbria
  • ‘Roadify’ your Mountain Bike – “Go for a MTB with semi-slicks or a cyclo-cross bike. With these you can find more bike friendly routes without having to worry about punctures/road surfaces so much.” Andy from Dorset
  • Go Simple – “Think about a single speed (fixed or free). Fantastic to ride, doesn’t make you a lazy rider using gears when you don’t need to and they are simple to maintain!” Steve from Worcester
  • Enjoy it and be seen! “There is no point arriving at work angry or stressed, so ride prominently and been seen. Remember, you are having fun and are not stuck in a car.” Ben from Manchester
  • Savour it – “Giving yourself extra time also gives you those moments when it’s OK to just stop and stare – a great sunrise, sunlight through foggy trees, this stuff is there to be admired, savoured and lingered over, not glanced at as you rush by. If you have a hill to climb, don’t look up!” Jim from Pembrokeshire
  • Fuel up before leaving for home – “Eat pasta at work about half an hour before you set off.” Marc from London
  • Be ready for the ups and the downs – “Keep your wits about you when you’re in the thick of it. Keep a camera handy – stop, enjoy and capture the views from time to time.” Chris from London
  • Plan Ahead – “Plan ahead to leave clothes at work etc and to vary the route to prevent it from becoming a chore. The right clothing also makes it far more comfortable.” Dean from Stoke-on-Trent
  • Get disc brakes – “If your commute includes lots of cars discs will stop you in no time whatever the weather.” Mike from Middlesbrough
  • Mind over matter – “It’s “mind over matter” on dark cold wet n wild winter mornings, so my tip is to firmly establish the “ritual” of getting ready and the “habit” of riding every day no matter what the weather.” – Kev from Dundee
  • Supplement your lighting with a head-mounted lamp – “I wear a headlamp when riding home at night. With it being high up cars see me sooner I feel. If you are riding in traffic and approaching a side road on your left move out into the middle of the road.” – Nigel from Derbyshire
  • Take your place on the road – “Don’t confine your self to the gutter – you’ll have nowhere left to go if someone really squeezes you.” – Frank from Leatherhead
  • Get ‘Cross – “Get a cross bike. They’re quicker than mountain bikes and more multipurpose than road bikes so you can use them for off road commutes as well. It may sound stupid when on road tyres in the summer, but when the snow comes they are invaluable!” – Chris the Student
  • Don’t underspend on lights – “Spend more than you initially think you need to, otherwise you will only end up buying some better ones in the long run or giving up commuting in the winter! It’s really important to be able to see well if you are riding on unlit roads, and obviously for others to see you.” – Byrony from Oxford
  • Lighten up! - “It’s a cliché but it’s true: If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!” – Rachel from Devon
  • Baby Wipes! “My workplace doesn’t have a shower facility so if I forget the wipes my colleagues at work won’t be too pleased.” – Azhar from Lancashire
  • Resist the urge to take the car – “Just do it even if your motivation is low, it will make you feel better and motivated when you reach your destination.” – Lee
  • Get ahead of the game – “Keep your bike well maintained, oiled and clean, it makes such a difference to know it’s all working right. Set your gear out for the next day the night before, saves you so much time in the mornings and is a lot less stressful, you want to enjoy your ride, not worry if you’ve got everything or not.” – Lee from Essex

What are your top commuting tips?

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