We are British Cyclng - we are bike commuters - Andy Corkill

We are British Cyclng - we are bike commuters - Andy Corkill


Andy Corkill has gone from zero to five days a week commuting on his singlespeed road bike.

Name: Andy Corkill

Workplace: IT Service Manager, Wilton Carpets

Tell us about your commuting rig: Specialized Langster single speed (as pictured above but with brakes!). Not brave enough to go fixed wheel yet!

What’s your commute like? Five miles each way commute, all on road mostly on main road and dual carriageways. Couple of smallish hills, no flat bits, mainly draggy

How many days a week do you commute by bike? Five.

What do you enjoy the most about bike commuting? Time spend listening to iPod (one ear only, pavement side) Gets my head in gear for the day. Extra fitness benefits (went from no real mileage to five day commute) Plus it takes the same time on the bike as it did in the car.

What’s your least favourite thing about commuting by bike? Getting ready in a morning, once I’m out everything is fine.

What are your main reasons to commute by bike? I do it to keep fit and save money.

Have you got any funny or interesting bike commuting stories or experiences to share? People away ask me "have you cycled in again" when I am still wearing my helmet.

What’s your killer commuting tip? Baby wipes. Clean up after you get to work, no shower facilities. Merino wool undershirt, best buy ever. Thanks Stonehenge Cycles in Salisbury.

Are you a British Cycling Member? If so how does your British Cycling membership support your bike commuting? I am a British Cycling Member, but haven’t had to use your services yet, but the encouragement to get on the bike is worth its weight in gold.

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