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Cycle to Work Day set to sweep the nation

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Published: 10 September 2013

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Cycling fever is set to sweep the nation on Thursday with thousands of cyclists set to ride their bikes to work as part of Cycle Scheme’s Cycle to Work Day.

Dame Sarah Storey

Cycle to Work day, which takes place on 12 September, is championed by multiple Paralympic gold medallist Dame Sarah Storey.

The aim of the national event is to get as many people as possible pledging to ride their bikes to work with a long term view of increasing the number of cyclists commuting by bike.

Over 760,000 people already cycle to work, but days like Cycle to Work Day are part of an overall plan to increase that number to over one million by 2021.

Storey, who has won 11 Paralympic gold medals and recently gave birth to a baby daughter, was keen to stress the importance of the day.

“Cycling is a great way to get about and days like Cycle to Work Day should really focus people’s attention on this point.”

Dame Sarah Storey

“Cycling is a great way to get about and days like Cycle to Work Day should really focus people’s attention on this point,” Storey said.

“It’s not just about the professionals training at the velodrome. It’s also about commuting to work as well as leisure time. We are trying to get more people active so by commuting to work, it is a great time efficient way of doing that.

“There is also the health benefit, if we can get more people active that will ease the congestion on the health service and the cost of that to the government and to us as tax payers. Overall it will just make the world we live in more environmentally friendly. “

Storey also has some advice for any inexperienced riders who are aiming to cycle to work on a regular basis.

“By signing up to Cyclescheme, they can apply for a bike; they can apply for safety equipment whether that is a bike, a helmet, or a high visibility jacket.

“They can also visit British Cycling’s website, where there is lots of help and advice and they can come to the Manchester Velodrome to learn how to ride and pick up tips such as when to look over your shoulder and improve your technique. They could also go down to their local cycling club, which there are many of in Manchester with more members than ever before which is fantastic.”

Pledge to ride to work by visiting www.cycletoworkday.org.