Free coaching with the Hope Cross-Country Series

Free coaching with the Hope Cross-Country Series

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Coaching makes a difference to riders of all abilities but it has the most impact on the less experienced riders who are new to the sport.

For these riders learning how to do the basics right creates a great skills foundation on which to build. The organising team of the Hope XC Series are especially keen to attract the less experienced rider into racing at its low key grass roots series so we have pulled together a unique offer. Essentially it’s simple, enter the series and you will receive help to ride smoother and faster and give you the confidence to race not just ride our courses.

Three qualified coaches supported by an experienced coach educator will deliver a structured coaching package to turn riders into racers. Up to four days of coaching will be available and on each day a set of structured sessions will be delivered. Do one day or do four, your riding will improve.

The Hope XC Series has always been designed to allow riders of all standards compete and enjoy themselves in a dramatic venue. Lee Quarry with its excellent Rowan Sowell designed trails, cheeky ‘off piste’ sections and dramatic quarry walls is set against the scenic backdrop of the Rossendale Valley and is somewhere once raced is never forgotten.

In order to be accessible to all at each race two courses are operated at the same time. The ‘have-a-go’ course threads its way through the quarry on a smoother less challenging route than the main course. The technically challenging main course is where the organising team push hard to cram in exciting descents mixed in with technical climbs to test the all round ability of the riders. Each race is different with familiar sections often reversed and new sections introduced each week to ensure that the same course is never raced twice.

Q&A explanation

What is happening?

Essentially we have three British Cycling qualified mountain bike cross-coutnry coaches lined up to provide structured quality coaching who will be providing group coaching sessions at Lee Quarry during the series.

Who is it for?

The main focus is to develop the Have-a-go category riders (the less fit, able and experienced) and for 2012 there will be up to four full-day sessions available.

New for 2012 we are also going to lay on coaching sessions for the weekend warriors/ racing diva’s and silverbacks category riders who ride our main course and are generally more experienced. Availability will depend on demand but we will be focusing on developing flow on the trails and delivering ‘mastering the pump track’ sessions.

What does it cost?

Essentially nothing, you become eligible by entering the full race series. Get series entry here if demand is high it will be on a first come first served basis or we will split the days up.

When are the dates?

We are finalising these and we will let riders know. The dates will be fixed due to coach availability. They don’t have to do all the sessions, they just let us know which ones they want to do when the dates are out.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? The quarry is an exciting place to ride and race and we are keen to develop the cross-country race scene in the North West. We pride ourselves on being accessible to all and we want to encourage riders to come and have a go and we see this as a key activity supporting this. The feedback we got last year was tremendous and we want to build on that.

What else are we doing?

We are supporting our coaches with Mark Grange an experienced coach educator who will essentially be coaching the coaches. This will mean that we will be building their skills and coaching techniques to deliver great sessions.