Level 2 Coaching Handbook: Coaching Riders with a Disability

Level 2 Coaching Handbook: Coaching Riders with a Disability

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This handbook has been written to support those Level 2 Coaches who are already coaching riders with a disability or who would like to coach riders with a disability.

It aims to give coaches the confidence in their coaching ability to plan and deliver sessions for groups of riders or to alternatively integrate riders with a disability into their existing sessions.

The handbook is only available to those coaches who have attended a Club Coach, Activity Coach or Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling and successfully completed all aspects of the assessment.

What does the handbook contain?

The handbook contains detailed information on the various six categories used within disability cycling, these being:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hearing impairment
  • Learning disability
  • Locomotor disability
  • Handcycling
  • Visual impairment

Each category contains information on the planning and delivery of coaching sessions, the coaching environment, various equipment adaptations that are available and communication tips.

It is an excellent reference tool for coaches, providing the confidence and knowledge to effectively coach riders with a disability whilst contributing to their ongoing continued professional development.

How to get the handbook

The resource is available as part of the Level 2: Coaching Riders with a Disability Workshop and for purchase (£15.00) by qualified Level 2 Cycling Coaches from the British Cycling Coaching and Education department. If you wish to purchase a copy then please contact Coaching & Education on 0161 274 2060.

Level 2 disability workshop - coaching riders with a disability