Level 2: Coaching Riders with Disability

Level 2: Coaching Riders with Disability

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Coaching and Education have developed a coaching resource and workshop for those coaches who would like more information and training on working with riders with a disability.

British Cycling Coaching Handbook: coaching riders with a disability

The British Cycling Coaching Handbook: Coaching Riders with a Disability is a 42-page resource for coaches who are currently involved in, or who are keen to coach riders with a disability.

It provides extensive information on a variety of coaching issues, including the different disability categories and their inclusion within cycling, the delivery and planning of coaching sessions and various equipment adaptations that are available.

It is an excellent reference tool for coaches, giving them the confidence and knowledge to effectively coach riders with a disability whilst contributing to their ongoing continued professional development.

Level 2 Disability Handbook

Coaching riders with a disability workshop

The Coaching Riders with a Disability is a one day workshop aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of existing disability coaches and supporting those who wish to coach disabled riders for the first time. The workshop will assist coaches with their ability to plan, deliver and evaluate a series of safe, ethical and effective coaching sessions for groups of riders with a disability and be able to integrate individual riders into their existing coaching sessions.

Disability workshop