Coaching opportunities at Regional Schools of Racing

Coaching opportunities at Regional Schools of Racing

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Regional Schools of Racing provide the opportunity to learn more about how to help riders to develop skills, technique, tactics and physical development, as well as athlete lifestyle skills and discipline.

They also provide the chance to find out what is on track for an aspiring Great Britain Cycling Team rider, forming part of the regional performance pathway.

Each Regional School of Racing is a one day event that consists of group coaching sessions, race scenarios and off-bike workshops in a progressive programme of activities delivered by Regional Performance Pathway Coaches (RPPC) from the Great Britain Cycling Team. Sessions are delivered over a 12 month seasonal plan in each region, across the disciplines of track, road circuit, mountain bike and BMX.

Level 2 coaches from Go-Ride Clubs in the regions are invited and encouraged to attend – to get involved, to learn and to support the activities – and then feed this back into their club sessions.

What are the aims of a Regional School of Racing (RSR)?

  • To make nationally competitive bike racers and develop an extensive, UK-wide pool of young riders. The sessions are designed for riders aged 13 to 16, who are showing promise in club and regional competition, to help them to fully express their potential at a key stage in their development.
  • To up-skill qualified British Cycling coaches, motivated to develop their own coaching performance. This will ensure a highly skilled and educated team of pathway volunteers at club and cluster level, and promote the sustainability of the sport’s success.

What do I need to attend a RSR?

  • You need to be delivering coaching sessions to young riders on a regular basis within an established or aspiring Go-Ride club. The riders you are coaching don’t need to be attending RSRs for you to attend.
  • You need to have the motivation and desire to take young riders from the basics of the sport to being established bike racers.
  • A willingness to come and learn, and a commitment to your own personal development as a coach is essential.
  • Being excited by bike racing always helps too – but don’t feel you have to be an expert all things cycle sport by any means!

If I attend, what do I need to during the day?

  • The RPPC will send out detailed session plans to all coaches registered to attend the RSR – this will give you a clear idea of what the day’s activities include and should help you to identify how you would like to get involved in the session.
  • Some coaches simply want to come, watch and listen, making notes and observations of the day to take back to their clubs.
  • Other coaches prefer to get involved, which may include helping to facilitate activities and discussions in workshops, as well as being on the bike during riding sessions for observations and activity coordination.
  • If you have a background of competing in a discipline, make it known to the RPPC as they may be able to incorporate your experience into the session as an expert rider.

Who should I contact if I want to get involved?

Paul Andrews, a coach from Salt Ayre Cog Set Go-Ride Club, said: “Attending the Regional School of Racing increased my confidence as a coach and gave me knowledge to help develop others around me. You can see the result in what you’re delivering. There is also a community feel, so it’s good to talk to similar coaches from other clubs.”

Do not be intimidated by the perceived level of rider and level of session - this is an ideal opportunity for Continued Professional Development!