British Cycling’s Pilot Licensing Programme

British Cycling’s Pilot Licensing Programme

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We believe that maintaining high professional standards in coaching is in the interest of riders and coaches alike. Our sport is continuously evolving and so too is our knowledge and understanding of the needs of riders and coaches.

We therefore hope that by implementing a pilot Licensing Programme for our Level 3 coaches, we are able to reflect the significant amount of time and energy that you and your peers invest in researching, challenging and implementing current and future coaching practice.

How it will work

The licensing programme will run initially as a pilot scheme, until your membership is due for renewal in 2014. During this time, you will be issued with an additional Coaching License and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logbook, which will require you to input details of CPD you undertake to support your role as a coach. 

CPD can take many forms and could include working with more experienced coaches, working in new and challenging environments, distance and e-learning or attendance on courses.

To support you, we will be introducing more CPD resources and workshops in working with specific, talented, groups including disabled riders, young people and women and girls in addition to further additions to our qualification pathway for Cyclocross, BMX and 4X.

Similarly, over the coming year we will be developing a list of recognised CPD offers from other sports and organisations, reflecting the diverse influences and knowledge that can support and develop your coaching.

The offer

When you register, you will be issued a new Coaching Licence which adopts the format of the British Cycling membership card but details all of your British Cycling coaching qualifications. You will also recieve a handy booklet intended to be used as a diary of all the CPD you undertake.

In addition, you may now use a new British Cycling Licensed Coach logo on your marketing materials, while we hope that you have already begun to take advantage of some of advantages for Level 3 coaches that we have negotiated in readiness for the roll-out of the licensing programme. These include a 50% discount on Training Peaks Coaching Edition and an enhanced profile on our new, online Coaching Directory.

All we ask in return, is that you fill in your CPD booklet and submit it when your membership is due for renewal.

How to get started

The Licensing programme is free for Level 3 coaches and simply requires you to contact the coaching team at British Cycling to register your interest. We will then record your details and issue you with the necessary resources.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us direct via the details below. Deadline for registration is 28 February 2013.

Contact us

Tel: 0161 274 2060