Scott Beaumont: Moving On To Level 2 MTB

Scott Beaumont: Moving On To Level 2 MTB

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As Scott 'Boom Boom' Beaumont has been undertaking his coaching qualifications, the double World Champion has been blogging about his experiences and here is his first blog for a course he should know well, the Level 2 Mountain Bike Coaching Award.

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Just back from what I will class as a truly fantastic weekend in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

The alarm went at 6am and to be honest I was knackered from a tough week of training. So I was up and out of the house early for the two hour drive up to Bakewell with the course starting at 9am. This time I was taking my Level 2 ‘MTB’ course (Ed – Level 2 Mountain Bike Coaching Award). After enjoying the Level 2 course so much, it was now time to tackle the discipline specific courses of MTB and BMX (the BMX one I will be on this coming weekend).

On arrival, it was immediately apparent that it was going to be a great weekend again. 16 of us were on the course and there were obviously some real characters in the group. Males, females and a wide range of mtb experience in the room.

The day began with introductions. For me it was a strange feeling as British Cycling used me for the photos in the Level 2 MTB workbooks. So unknown to most of the people in the room, the workbooks they were going to use had plenty of photo demonstrations by yours truly over the weekend! After I introduced myself there were plenty of questions and lots of humour from everyone about me having a head start on this course!

Then it was onto the explanation of what would happen over the weekend. Time was going to be divided up as 50% in the classroom and 50% practical. Our tutors Mark and Will were fantastic all weekend. Full of knowledge and they delivered the course in a relaxed way so that everyone felt confident.

On the first day we looked at components on a Mountain Bike, clothing riders wear, structure of the three disciplines – 4X, XC and DH and the differences between 4X, XC and DH bikes. After lunch we were out on the bikes in a skills area near the classrooms looking at the core techniques of riding a mountain bike. Techniques like front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts and weight transfer were all covered. Our coaching then began as we started delivering some of these core techniques in pairs to gain some experience.

Then to end Day 1, it was back to the classroom where we would wrap up the day and find out about our overnight work to be ready for the second day where we would deliver a 15 minute session to our group.

Saturday night we went back to the hotel and prepared a plan for Sunday’s session. Then a few of us met up and went out for a curry where we talked about mountain biking alot, clubs, riding spots here and abroad, bikes and of course, curry!!!!

Onto Sunday, and we were straight out on the bikes for the practical assessments. As it worked out, I was up first and I was coaching weight shift on the bike – something used when riding over bumps and especially on pump tracks. My session went really well and I was happy with it. Some great constructive comments from the group after I had finished gave me a few ideas for when I start my coaching. Each of the seven riders in our group took their turn and coached the rest of us. Everyone in our group passed the assessment with flying colours which shows the great level of riders that we had.

After lunch we were back in the classroom to finish the course off by looking at the competition structure of 4X, XC and DH both here and abroad. A really good module that was delivered brilliantly. Then it was some individual assessments before the course was wrapped up.

A truly fantastic course that everyone who has a Level 2 qualification should take. Fun, informative and most of all confidence inspiring for coaches who want to teach Mountain Biking.

Now I am home, I have six sessions to deliver before I gain my level 2 qualification for MTB, but the course gets you so motivated, I can’t wait to get them completed!

I’ll write a blog on those sessions in the next couple of weeks.

See you on the trails.....


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