Sports Psychology webinar available to view online

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Over 170 coaches tuned in to the second in a series of free webinars hosted by British Cycling and TrainingPeaks on 30 January 2014. For anyone who missed the webinar – Sports Psychology for Cycling Coaches – a recording is now available to view on YouTube.

Dr Jamie Barker, Associate Professor in Applied Performance Psychology at Staffordshire University, and Dr Andy Kirkland, Coaching and Education Officer at British Cycling, introduced the role of psychology in coaching practice to coaches in the UK and overseas.

The webinar focussed on:

The role of coaching in influencing behaviour.Understanding ‘self’ as a starting point to understanding others.Introducing core psychological skills, such as motivation, developing and maintaining confidence.

Andy Kirkland said: “The webinars have presented us with a new way to engage with coaches and so far it’s been a highly successful one. It’s an area that we are likely to continue to explore in the future.”

During the webinar, there were plenty of questions that could not be addressed within the allotted hour – everything from the psychology of coaching young riders to building confidence and adapting to change. As promised, Andy and Jamie have now responded to the questions, both from a coaching and a sports psychology perspective.

Please click here to read the questions and responses.