How to coach the Fundamentals of Movement workshop

How to coach the Fundamentals of Movement workshop

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The fundamentals of movement are designed to ensure that athletes embrace strength, balance and flexibility as part of their overall development.

Performed off the bike, the fundamentals are a set of exercises that riders are encouraged to carry out regularly - that will also result in gains across other sports and activities. The practice is a fantastic addition to any coach's skillset, to help in developing capable riders across all age groups.

While the Great Britain Cycling Team spend large amounts of time racing and training on bicycles, gym training including fundamentals and stretching are essential elements of their coaching plan. The all-round strength and skill developed as a result can set athletes apart from their fellow competitors and are therefore an essential grounding for anyone looking to improve in the sport.

About the course

This workshop has been designed by Sports Coach UK and Cardiff Metropolitan University and is particularly aimed at coaches working with younger riders. Attendees will be able to plan and deliver fundamentals of movement sessions, also advising riders of the exercises they can perform independently in order to take ownership of their own training.

The three hour workshop will mostly consist of practical activity, with attendees working through each of the movements in order to understand their aims and identify correct practice. You will get a resource book to assist you in delivering fundamentals.

What you will learn:

  • what fundamental movement skills are and why they are important

  • the process of observing and correcting riders as they carry out exercises
  • how to design and deliver warm-ups that promote movement skill development.
  • how to design and deliver body weight training exercises (ie, not using weights)

Who can apply?

Any coach or volunteer can apply to attend this workshop, minimum age 16 years or over. The half-day session is a continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity that will bolster existing coaching skills and experience, while empowering riders to become physically confident.


Course details

The course cost is £50 and you can book online or contact to request an application form.

Availability Date Time Location

Further dates and locations will be added, so please check back soon or contact to register your interest.