Coaching tips: Planning a successful season

Coaching tips: Planning a successful season

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Spring is a great time to work with riders to plan for the season ahead – or review existing training plans to maximise efficiency. The better weather can help with training towards all disciplines, but there are a few key points to consider.

Marshall Thomas is a Level 3 coach and tutor who is also one of the coaching and education officers at British Cycling. Working with a mixed group of riders and actively involved in coach development, he has a wealth of coaching experience in addition to previously being a racing cyclist.

In this short video Marshall highlights four areas to discuss with riders and build into training plans.

On top of the four tips covered within this video, coach development will help you to improve your relationship with riders, analyse results and deliver coaching. Whether this means moving up to the next qualification level, working with other coaches or exploring specific development courses, there are plenty of options available to go further in your field.

For details of the courses that British Cycling run, visit the coach development pages.