Guidelines for Coaching Cycling

Guidelines for Coaching Cycling

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British Cycling's Guidelines for Coaching Cycling provides best practice guidelines and remit for all coaches trained and insured by British Cycling.

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Update  - November 2019 - Overview of changes

The Guidelines for Coaching Cycling outline the full remit for each British Cycling coaching qualification. These guidelines are designed to support your coaching, safeguarding both riders and the coaches involved in those sessions. As such, this resource will support your training and experience in order to help optimise the coaching environment you create.

The guidelines were developed in consultation with all areas of the sport over a number of years and have recently been reviewed by an inclusive workgroup comprising of British Cycling, Welsh Cycling and Scottish Cycling coaches. The document is regarded as the standard for British Cycling and its insurers for all cycling coaches operating under British Cycling insurance.                                 

If you’re a qualified British Cycling coach at any level of the sport, please take time to familiarise yourself with this document. Please note that it is updated periodically, so we recommend that you to refer to the live (electronic) version rather than keeping a printed copy.

If you have any questions, please contact the coach education team on: or 0161 274 2060.