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Over 300 clubs have now signed up to the HSBC UK Go-Ride programme, which integrates structured coaching activities in traffic-free facilities for young people and club development into a single, recognisable programme

Put simply, Go-Ride Clubs have something to offer all young people; whether it is riding or volunteering, there are opportunities to suit all.

We actively assist clubs through the registration process of joining the Go-Ride programme, which provides a template of best practice for clubs in all areas of regular activity. Clubs must meet certain standards before they can join, but we support you along the way and help you to continually improve and achieve best practice. 

If you are a Welsh or Scottish club, please visit the Welsh Cycling or Scottish Cycling section for further information.

Once a club becomes a Go-Ride registered club, it will receive ongoing support, resources and guidance from British Cycling. In addition to better administration, Go-Ride helps clubs to increase youth membership and ensure that there is a supportive environment for young members.

What does your club need to register?

  • British Cycling affiliation.
  • A suitable traffic-free area to run coaching sessions for young people.
  • At least one qualified British Cycling coach.
  • A club contact willing to have his/her details published.
  • Club welfare officer (willing to undergo training).

If your club doesn't meet the above criteria, don't worry - our regional development team are here to support you and can guide you through the process of achieving the above standards.

What commitment does your club need to give?

  • Deliver regular coaching activities for young people through a British Cycling qualified coach.
  • Forge close links with local schools to encourage children to make the transition from school to club.
  • Willingness to work towards Go-Ride Clubmark accreditation within the first 12 months of registration.

What does your club gain from registering on the HSBC UK Go-Ride programme?

In return for registering on the Go-Ride programme your club will receive the following:

  • A free coaching kitbag including cones, chalk, tape measure and limbo pole
  • Regional assistance from a network of British Cycling regional development managers and HSBC UK Go-Ride coaches.
  • Assistance in sourcing external funding for club activities.
  • Safer, child-friendly, coaching and competition.
  • Up to four free silver British Cycling memberships for the first 12 months of registration (Go-Ride club contact, club welfare officer, two fully qualified coaches).
  • Free British Cycling bronze membership for new Go-Ride Club members.
  • Access to Go-Ride programmes such as HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing and Cycling Award for Young Volunteers.
  • Opportunity to attend the HSBC UK Go-Ride Conferences for free.
  • No sponsorship fees for the first 12 months of registration.
  • Use of Go-Ride logo on promotional material.
  • Added to club finder as a Go-Ride registered club.

What is the next step?

For more information on how to become a Go-Ride Club, please contact your regional development manager or the Go-Ride team directly for more information.

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