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Club affiliation

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Affiliation to British Cycling and Welsh Cycling brings with it a whole range of benefits to help cycling clubs get the best for themselves and their members. Affiliate today and join more than 1,900 affiliated clubs and team

CLUBS IN SCOTLAND – Affiliation for clubs in Scotland is now open through the link here. Please be aware that this affiliation page is not managed through British Cycling’s Club Tool and sits outside of British Cycling’s usage and privacy policy. For more information please contact Scottish Cycling at

2021 affiliations are now open.

Existing clubs can renew their affiliation for 2021 through their Club Manager dashboard.

Online Affiliation Renewal Guide

New clubs in England or Wales can affiliate online to British Cycling or Welsh Cycling.

Affiliate Online

Clubs based in Wales are also requirred to to fill in an additional questionnaire as part of the process of affiliation to Welsh Cycling

Welsh Club Affiliation Survey

Affiliation benefits

  • Advertise your club to more than half a million visitors a month at
  • Public liability insurance of up to £15million for your club activities*
  • Exclusive use of the British Cycling Club Management Tool
  • Entry into the national and regional rankings
  • Free online subscription collection
  • Support from the British Cycling team in your region for events and activities
  • Introductory membership discounts for your club members

*Clubs in Wales and school clubs are provided with the same cover upon payment of the appropriate fee.

Affiliate your Club to Scottish Cycling

Scottish Cycling is delighted to announce that affiliation for 2021 is now open. This year, affiliation will take place via our new Club Management System, ServeSport. 

We know that this has been a challenging year, so we really appreciate your continued commitment and support for cycling.  Cycling is well positioned to make a significant contribution to the 'new normal’ as it emerges, and we look forward to working with you and your club as we consider how we can play a part in this. 

Affiliate your Club

To support your club in completing affiliation this year, we have recorded two videos which provide a step-by-step guide to using the new system. They can be found by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Club with Under 18s

Club without Under 18s