Club News: A monthly newsletter for club volunteers

Club News: A monthly newsletter for club volunteers

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Club News a great benefit of affiliating your club to British Cycling

Club news is our monthly newsletter for our clubs and their volunteers. The newsletter contains content from regions and disciplines so it is relevant to the areas and activities that your club engages with.

Club News contains:

Hint and tips for clubs: The latest information and articles to help you run your club effectively.

Share with your members: News, offers and features to share with your club members.

From your region: Upcoming events and important communications from your region or home country.

Useful links: Quick web links to useful resources for clubs and volunteers

Discipline specific content: The club news covers all types of cycling clubs BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclocross, MTB, Road and Track so there is something for every club.

Club news is sent to all club secretaries and listed club volunteers who are British Cycling members. If you or anyone else at your club is not receiving Club News then please email us with your details