Important Notice - Cyclo-Cross Racing at Stanmer Park, Brighton

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Important Notice - LCCA London and Sussex Cyclo-Cross Event on 14th Nov at Stanmer Park Brighton

The organisers would like all riders and supporters to be aware of the following:

• Parking is on the right, or straight on as you enter the park in bays. Please park considerately. PLEASE ONLY PARK IN CAR PARKS, NOT ON THE ROAD there is a bus service which must be maintained into Stanmer village. If you do, you risk our use of this venue in future! There is plenty of parking further into the park, outside the park at the University or use the underpass from Falmer Station side of the University. Please park considerately.

• There has been a slight course alteration from events in previous years. Please visit to familiarise yourselves with the new course.

Race Info

Events                           Time          Cost                   age @1st January 2011

Under 10                      1100          £ 1.00                 born in 2001 or later
Under 12                      1115          £ 1.00                 born in 1999 or later
Youth                           1145          £ 5.00                 born 1995 to 1998
Junior                           1300          £ 7.00                 born 1993 or 1994
Sen,Women,Vet           1300          £12.00               born 1992, 1994, 1970 or earlier

Run under British Cycling and London League Cyclocross Rules: >> London CX League website