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Cheltenham Dame Road Cycling Club


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Club type: Club
Affiliated: 31/12/2019
Affilation status: Active

Total club members: 45

About our club


We are a road cycling club aimed at encouraging female riders to go out regularly and set targets to challenge and progress. Whether you are training for a sportive or a Tri, or simply interested in a ride out with like-minded people, our ethos is to:

Ride - Achieve - Belong

We are a supportive group that encourages one another in a friendly manner as we believe that cycling needs to be fun for members to thrive. Members readily share knowledge and experience, whether it’s about cycling technique, equipment, clothing, or hydration and nutrition.

When we meet
We have a social ride on a Saturday and aim to keep this going throughout the winter (weather permitting).
Rides and further club information is published on a closed Facebook page to ensure we can quickly update information. When you join we'll give you access to the page.

To accommodate different riding abilities, rides are published at the following speeds:
• 12 mph to 14 mph
• 14 mph to 16 mph

How do I know if I am fit enough to ride with you - You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy one of our club rides. By reasonable level of fitness, you’ll need to be able to ride at least 25 miles, once or twice a week, in under 2 hours.

If you’re not at that standard yet it might be best to ride on your own or with friends until you feel comfortable with that distance and pace. Alternatively, HSBC UK Breeze offers rides to help women feel confident and comfortable about going on a ride. You can find more information here

If you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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Club contact: Ms Beatrice Therin
Email: Email the club

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