TSB Cycling Club


Club Information

Club type: Club Commercial
Affiliated: 31/12/2018
Affilation status: Active

Total club members: 54

About our club

TSB Cycling Club is for current Partners, alumni, and their families throughout Britain. We aim to bring a mixed ability group together whilst providing support for those wanting to get into the sport. Through a few national events we will bring big groups together but our main focus will be to connect like-minded individuals through our social media activities.

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Club contact: Mr Jonathan Hall
Email: Email the club
Postcode: EC2V 7JE

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We are open to

Adults (over 16)
Female Cyclists
Male Cyclists
Novice riders (rides up to 1hr)
Intermediate riders (1-3 hrs)
Advanced riders (rides 3hr+)
Racing cyclists
Disability cyclists

When we train

DayTimeTraffic Free