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UK MEP candidates should be "ashamed of their apathy on cycling,"  says Chris Boardman

UK MEP candidates should be "ashamed of their apathy on cycling," says Chris Boardman

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UK candidates standing for a seat on the European Parliament should be “ashamed” of the apathetic attitude they are showing towards cycling, British Cycling’s policy adviser Chris Boardman said today.

Survey results published earlier this week by the European Cyclists’ Federation have shown that of the 364 MEP candidates who completed the survey, only one response was from a UK-based candidate.

Meanwhile, responses by candidates from other European countries were in abundance – 40 from Finland, 10 from Dutch candidates and 31 from Spain.

British Cycling’s policy adviser, Chris Boardman, said: "The pitiful British response to the European Cyclists’ Federation is worrying and the candidates should feel ashamed. I'd like to know why candidates are showing so much apathy towards a mode of transport that answers so many of the problems we face in Britain today, including a growing obesity epidemic.

“Earlier this week we saw new evidence that said that over two thirds of adults in the UK will be overweight or obese by 2030.

"Clearly, many of the cycling-related proposals being considered in Europe – such as taking action on dangerously designed HGVs – will encourage more people to get on bikes and our MEPs need to be engaging with these issues rather than ignoring them.

"This lack of vision is more than disappointing; it's unacceptable, especially coming from the people who are supposed to be looking after our future."